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  1. nio kasgami

    How to approach your first game!

    [Please take note this is a thread with my own opinion and how I approach my game.] Hi! So you just bought RPG maker and you probably think: I am gonna make the top tier 40h games with top tier graphics AAA level. It's gonna be easy! bzzt bzzt here's the first wrong thing you shouldn't do...
  2. nio kasgami

    Dynamic database type (item, armor etc) in parameter

    Description of the Feature: These features would allow the plugin developer to let the user to swap database type (i.e armour, item etc). Right now it's impossible to add parameter support for a system like crafting system into the plugin Editor without making the user having to either let them...
  3. nio kasgami

    RMMZ Nio_StateSpriteFollowers (Dev)

    Introductions Familiar with the old rpgs like Dragon Quest wheres when your heroes was showing as coffin when they was K'O? Or how actors was showing different walking sprites depending if they was poisoned etc? Welp this plugin is does all of that! and even more! Features : Change followers...
  4. nio kasgami

    How to treat your artist / content creators 101

    Hi! my name is Nio Kasgami and I am a professional freelance artist. and I thought of writing this article to explain to the community how to treat well the artist you decide to work with (both commercial and non-commercial). here a list of do and don't (I wasn't sure where to post but I think...
  5. nio kasgami

    Nio Alt revive options { MZ and MV compatible }

    introductions : Small snippets who allow reviving actors on the battle win. instructions : Download: Licenses : MIT Credit : Nio kasgami
  6. nio kasgami

    Window UI resizer tool

    Introductions : This plugin is a Plugin developer aid tool that allows you to visualize window UI resizing without having to go back and forth with the playtest button. It doesn't save the UI per se. So it's important to save it in your code editor before you press refresh. how to use...
  7. nio kasgami

    Let's speak about VisuStella term of service as Plugins developpers

    So if this not the proper section to discuss I invite mods to move it elsewhere who is more appropriate So visuStella will be officially porting all the yanfly plugins. + they even pay programmers to do so which is great. It will allow some awesome plugins to be ported. as I said VERY positive...
  8. nio kasgami

    RPG Maker MZ Typescript edition

    Introductions This project document the whole MZ codebase allowing programmer to create plugins for rpg maker MZ using typescript. (it can also be used for get typing for javascript project) Do take in consideration this project is still in development and so far only the Core files released...
  9. nio kasgami

    Make the User edit Javascript file as an advanced option. Yes or no?

    So, I know by the standard in MV/ MZ making the user edit a javascript file is a...big no no. Although I was curious if offering the possibility to enhance the user power through advanced options that use Callback would be a good idea? In simple in my current plugin, I allow people to have a...
  10. nio kasgami

    How to Extends / Alias / Overwrite existing class in MZ/ ES6 [Tutorial]

    Hi there! As MZ is now officially confirmed to be full ES6 us programmer can now use the ES6 javascript as the official javascript coding standard. ES6? what is the differences between ES5? Well here's a quick look at how class are defined in ES5 and ES6 // ES5 class function Scene_Dummy() {...
  11. nio kasgami

    Nio Kasgami art dump 2020

    Hi! for people who doesn't know me I am an artist since 2008 and people saw how I evolved over the years :) I think my old thread just disapeared so I decided to share it. Sadly not much recent Character art since for a whole year now I am a full time NSFW artist but I do often background...
  12. nio kasgami

    Need help on how to approach regex

    Hi, I am working on a plugin and it's progress well but I am struggling on the part which is : Notetag using Regex. I tried to look at tutorial but I don't seem to understand how it work... so could I get help in understanding how to approach a specific regex? in simple my regexp is literally...
  13. nio kasgami

    Plugin Maker thread : what's your plan for RM MZ?

    (PS : if this is the wrong section could you please move it to the appriopriate section? thank you) Hi there! So just to warn this isn't a suggestion thread or a thread to speak which features we wants in the game etc it's a thread where plugin maker can discuss the type of plugin they would...
  14. nio kasgami

    Emerald Engine - Advance Currencies

    Emerald Engine Advance currencies Introduction This plugin allow you to have more than just one currency in the game. It also allow to break the editor limits gold. Functionality Planned Features : Help Download BE AWARE that the plugin is still in dev and isn't ready to use this...
  15. nio kasgami

    How would you approach In game multiple currencies conversion

    Hi I am developping a plugin and I am kinda pretty rusty So what I want to develop is a multiple currency system where the user can add more than just gold so far we could though well just do an array and it's fine. The bigger problem is the currency conversion So let's separate the...
  16. nio kasgami

    Re introduction

    Hi there! So where to begin... I am Nio Kasgami! and for people who don't know me I used to be an active member on this community sadly college took me busy for a 3 whole year and I kinda stopped using RPG maker since. I am mainly an digital illustrator but I can also dabble with programming...
  17. nio kasgami

    JSON Add icon for custom data record

    Hi, Is it a way to add custom icon for custom database? Or is it not possible? If not would it be nice to add it as options for extension developper?
  18. nio kasgami

    Bug with the Show GSParametersView

    Hi I was making some Rpg like system as practice and noticed while I work with the GSParameterView I encounter this kind of bug : while clicking the generate curve options. and for some reason the first options name seem to be named P217? I don't seem to be able to rename it as well.
  19. nio kasgami

    Rename on double click

    Description of the Feature: This feature would allow to easily rename just by double clicking on the name of component Mockups: No need the features is just to double click and open the rename window Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: Save you from...
  20. nio kasgami

    what kind of minigame do you expect in mobile game?

    Hey guys! I was interested to dev an mobile game recently and I was curious to ask to an general public when you play an mobile video game what kind of gameplay you expect? if we go with the principle where you collect character like those gacha games? what makes you want to play a game like...

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