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  1. Punamaagi

    Skill Duration & Player Engagement

    I've been going through my database recently, and I recently started wondering whether skills that last multiple rounds can be considered engaging or interesting. When it comes to skill duration and its relationship with skill effect (damage etc.), I can think of a few skill sub types...
  2. Punamaagi

    What Age You Would Choose For your Characters on Your Maker Game?

    While I chose 'Adults' in the poll, I often prefer if there's a bit of an age difference between characters. To me, age is a character trait much like race, gender or education, and the differences can lead to interesting dialogue and contrast. The main cast in my project includes both a...
  3. Punamaagi

    I've restarted my current main project several times (proven by how I found a folder for it in...

    I've restarted my current main project several times (proven by how I found a folder for it in my RMXP files), so it's probably best that I don't do that again, yeah. I reckon I'm mostly torn because I'm curious about MZ and buying an engine without anything to test it on feels like a waste...
  4. Punamaagi

    @The Stranger - do you mean start something new in MZ after completing my old project? In that...

    @The Stranger - do you mean start something new in MZ after completing my old project? In that case, I'd have to wait quite a while... given how I've barely got a demo done after a few years of fiddling with MV, haha. >.>' I reckon I might be able to work on two projects if the second one (in...
  5. Punamaagi

    My biggest dilemma regarding RPG Maker MZ: if I buy it, would it be better to transfer my old...

    My biggest dilemma regarding RPG Maker MZ: if I buy it, would it be better to transfer my old project (and accept that I have to start some things from the scratch) or start a new project (and risk abandoning the previous one)?
  6. Punamaagi


    @mlogan Sorry, I might have missed that while skimming through the thread. Too bad that there's no way to reliably generate a discount code to serve the same purpose. Thanks for the fast reply in any case: I'll probably stick with Steam for now and maybe consider buying resource packs here in...
  7. Punamaagi


    I hope I'm not asking a silly question, but is it possible to get the -10% discount for owning MV if you buy MZ from the RMW store yet own MV via Steam? After reading some of the discussion in this thread, I started thinking that I'd like to buy MZ via RPG Maker Web store, but I've bought all...
  8. Punamaagi

    Favorite fancy words

    "Ephemeral" is one of my favourite fancy words in English, too. I don't use it very often, but I like how poetic it feels, both when it comes to pronunciation and meaning. "Reminiscence" is another word I like a lot, and "awe", despite its shortness, evokes a lot of images in my mind. "Susurrus"...
  9. Punamaagi

    What are themes in your RPG game(s)?

    I chose 'Perseverance' and 'Courage and heroism'. I also considered adding 'Individual vs. society' to my vote, but in my game, the characters don't struggle with/against the society as much as fate/coincidence. While I'm probably not going to get too deep and philosophical (because I'm not sure...
  10. Punamaagi

    share what youre learning this week

    I've been studying Java for a little while, and this week I've taught myself how to do graphic elements for the UI. It's a free course organized by one of our universities so it both is structured and has deadlines, which works for me well (as a person who is a massive procrastinator). While I...
  11. Punamaagi

    No Travel Game Jam

    @QuantumCapybara: I'd imagine that it's perfectly acceptable to have the game take place in a single building. After all, the goal is to limit the game scope to one town at most (to avoid travelling), not to impose a minimum size. I'm working on a game which happens in one manor and its...
  12. Punamaagi

    September 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    I've decided to try to participate in the No Travel Game Jam. Although my main project is far from finished, I'm hoping that doing something smaller in scale will inspire me to work on it more actively - and allow me to finish something for a change. In any case, I'm glad for this burst of...
  13. Punamaagi

    COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    Compared to many other countries, the situation in Finland has been progressing slowly, but we're still moving towards a worrying direction. Five deaths, 880 cases and 22 people in intensive care. The government has also announced a lockdown on the capital region, and restaurants, bars, cafés...
  14. Punamaagi

    COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    There were a lot of interesting experiences and thoughts in this thread, so I thought I'd share my own. I travelled to Iceland last Thursday on a holiday and came back to Finland yesterday (on Monday). When I left, both countries had around 40 confirmed cases, and I was optimistic (or naïve)...
  15. Punamaagi

    Opinion: Second or Third Person Dialogue

    I think that second person narration can work in adventure-type games and/or in cases where the protagonist is a blank slate of kinds. The first games which come to my mind is the old McVenture series (with Shadowgate being the source of my nightmares my favourite), but there are RPG examples...
  16. Punamaagi

    Writing dialog for love scenes

    While the question was about writing romantic scenes, one thing which could be useful is the theory of 'five love languages'. According to this theory, people can express their love in five different ways: physical touch, acts of service, gifts, words of affirmation and quality time (e.g. doing...
  17. Punamaagi

    September 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    Happy New Year! Here's to hoping that 2020 will be the year that we complete our games - or if not the year, at least the decade, haha. I'm starting the year with a huge load of work, but I'm hoping that I'll have time and energy to work on my project. I'll probably set my bars fairly low...
  18. Punamaagi

    The Forum Archetypes

    I feel like you forgot a very important category, namely the Leisurely Lurker: people like me who mostly just chill in the background, post something few times a year and then crawl back into their comfortable hole of obscurity and dreams. Do these people ever finish their games? Who knows, but...
  19. Punamaagi

    The “How was Work?” Thread

    I hope it's okay to bump this thread a little in order to rant (or ramble) a little. :kaoswt2: I work as a freelancer translator i.e. am a private enterpreneur, though most of my work comes from a single company. I do subtitles for commercial channels (from English, French and Swedish), and my...
  20. Punamaagi

    Trying to slowly crawl back from my hiatus. Now if I could only decide whether to ignore or try...

    Trying to slowly crawl back from my hiatus. Now if I could only decide whether to ignore or try to fix all those plot holes in my game.

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