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  1. Sword_of_Dusk

    Help with pushing and pulling objects

    I have a simple problem. I know how to set up an event to push something like a boulder around. But how do I also have it to where you can pull it instead, such as if the object is placed in a corner?
  2. Sword_of_Dusk

    Hiding a class from the class change menu (Yanfly)

    Anyone know a way to hide primary classes from the subclass menu? Even if it's noted as a Primary class only, it still shows on the selection menu, though grayed out. It would look so much better if I could remove it entirely.
  3. Sword_of_Dusk

    Adding EXP to subclasses at the end of battle

    Is there a way to set up a troop event to give all of the members of the active battle party experience for their equipped subclass as long as the main character's level doesn't exceed a certain value? And I do specifically mean their subclass. Their normal class gains experience normally. I...
  4. Sword_of_Dusk

    Help with removing a state upon taking any action except for Guard.

    I'm trying to get a Hide skill to function, and I don't know how it to remove it from the actor if they do anything besides use Guard. If anyone has some insight, that would be great.
  5. Sword_of_Dusk

    Does anyone know if Yanfly is done selling plugins individually?

    A question similar to this was asked last month, but individual downloads are still gone, and there's no sign of it changing. I just wanted to know because there's still a few plugins I wanted to use, but didn't get around to buying.
  6. Sword_of_Dusk

    Yanfly Subclass Menu Tweak

    Does anyone know a way to remove a character's primary class as an option from the subclass selection menu? I have the primary class locked as a primary class only, but it still shows up as a grayed out option, but I really need it to not show at all.
  7. Sword_of_Dusk

    Issues with DreamX Show Parameters and Yanfly Item Core

    Decided to try out Quasi Params Plus and DreamX's Show Parameters in order to add and show two new parameters to my game that would work with the Yanfly suite. Though both are a bit older, everything seemed to do exactly what I need them to, but there's an oddity with looking at weapons and...
  8. Sword_of_Dusk

    YEP Subclass addon

    Hoping I can get some assistance on this one. Using Yanfly's Class Change Core and Subclass, I've been able to almost perfectly mimic the job system of Dragon Quests VI and VII, with one glaring flaw. Jobs (known as Vocations in DQVI and DQVII) don't level in the traditional sense. Instead...
  9. Sword_of_Dusk

    Question regarding Yanfly Job Points

    Got a small wrinkle I can use some help with. Does anyone know where I might go to change the location on the status menu where your current JP count is shown? It blocks the subclass name. EDIT: Somehow forgot to mention that I'm also using Yanfly's Status Menu Core too.
  10. Sword_of_Dusk

    Help with Yanfly's Target Core: Is targeting a group possible?

    Let me quickly clarify what I mean in the title. Say you enter a battle with 3 Goblins and 2 Goblin Mages. One of my characters is equipped with a whip, which I want to be able to strike a single group of foes. A group would consist of the exact same enemy, so our above enemy encounter would...
  11. Sword_of_Dusk

    Damage formula help

    I'm trying to get a boomerang weapon working, which hits all foes, but I don't know how to go about making the attack do less damage to each subsequent enemy struck after the first one. Need some assistance on this. EDIT: Should probably note what my damage formula is, eh? a.atk *3/2 -...
  12. Sword_of_Dusk

    Help with a certain kind of passive trait

    First, let me preface this by noting that if there's a way to do what I want without a plugin, I'm all ears. My searches have turned up nothing though. Now, first let me show you an image for context. The link leads to an image of Dragon Quest 8...
  13. Sword_of_Dusk

    A question regarding YEP's Equip Core

    So, I'm using the custom parameters of Yanfly's Equip Core to give a weapon stats via two variables, which will allow me to modify it throughout the game. The function works as intended, but the stat changes the weapon gives isn't reflected in the stats displayed when looking at the weapon from...
  14. Sword_of_Dusk

    Are there any dungeon tilesets that work well with First Seed Materials?

    I ended up using a bit of the RTP for a non-cave dungeon, but I'm looking for some tiles that can easily build a tower or indoor dungeon. It doesn't have to be a perfect match with FSM, but anything that's close would be appreciated. I've looked around, but it's possible I've missed something.
  15. Sword_of_Dusk

    Trouble with healing formula

    My problem is a simple one. I want my healing spell to work within a certain range. To be specific, I want it to heal between 35-45 HP a cast. I currently have the formula set as the following: Math.randomInt(45)+35 This is not working as intended, however. I've seen healing numbers go beyond...
  16. Sword_of_Dusk

    Parameter increases based on equipped weapon type

    I do not know for sure if this thread goes here, as my issue may have a non script solution I don't see, so I apologize in advance if I posted it in the wrong place. Anyway, I'm using Neon Black's Passive States script to create...well, passive states. It works fine, but I'm just mentioning it...
  17. Sword_of_Dusk

    Ability System help

    Hopefully I have the right forum for this, as it's been a while since I've been around here. Anyway, I'm currently using Eugene222's (or Evgenji as he's apparently known now) Ability System to implement an system similar to Dragon Quest 8's Skill Point system, but I have an odd problem...
  18. Sword_of_Dusk

    [Ace] Issue with Crystal Engine Job Levels

    I have a problem that may or not be simple to solve. I'm using CrystalNoel's Job Levels script in order to keep job levels separate from actor levels. This is important because I'm trying to recreate the class system seen in Dragon Quest 7. The only problem is that once I accumulate enough JP to...
  19. Sword_of_Dusk

    [ACE] Adding extra stats to equip menu

    I'm using CrystalNoel's Extra Stats script to add two new stats to my game, but I have no idea how to get those two stats to show up on the equip menu so that people can see how the equipment will change them. Could anyone help me with this little issue? I apologize if this isn't the right...

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