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  1. KillerGin

    RMMV The Nova Lighting Plugin (For MV and MZ !!!)

    Name: The Nova Lighting Plugin Collab: Dairnon and the Killer Gin Version 1.2.0 Link Below This 1 is for MV and there is a MZ version coming soon! MV Version tested on 1.6.2 MZ Version tested on Release version. It'll run primarily on the gpu, minus cpu for minor things like animations...
  2. KillerGin

    STEAM Linux MV 1.6.2 game launch.

    So I packaged up the game and sent it to STEAM, just as I did the PC version. The PC version works wonderful. The Linux Version does not.... it doesn't do anything.In 1.5.2 the Linux Game executable was titled "Game". Now in 1.6.2 it seems like it changed to "Game.desktop". However this does...
  3. KillerGin

    MV 1.6.2 random map lag spikes

    Hey guys! I am curious about 1.6.2 Does the frame rate randomly bug out sometimes? (instead of a solid 60, will go up and down 60 to 45 or so, almost in a perfect rhythm. Fixed if you stay in a menu long enough or just change maps) After this, it will be a rock solid 60 until you change map...
  4. KillerGin

    DragonBone and yanfly SideView Battlers

    I just recently installed the Dragon Bones plugin, I followed the instructions, the plugin is below the yanfly plugins, etc. The Dragon Bones enemies seem to be working great. However now my sideview battlers, which worked perfectly before the Dragon bones script was installed, now no longer...
  5. KillerGin

    Yanfly Quest Log Bug

    Hello, I noticed that if you have too many objectives, the quest log will show a black entry for a quest instead of the information for a quest. I have a quest where I have the Player hunt down and kill 14 bosses. So I wanted to have all the bosses displayed in objectives so that they can be...
  6. KillerGin

    Yanfly Stat Allocation Plugin Abuse/Bug

    Hello, I am using the above mentioned plugin. I noticed people can cheat the game by applying a paint to Max HP or Max MP and taking it off and reapplying. This will cause them to get a little bit if their health back.... so if they keep doing this, they can get all of their HP and MP...
  7. KillerGin

    MV Mac Deployed game save issue... NOT SAVING!

    Hey guys, I am not sure if it's due to the newest MV update (I have the STEAM version) or the fact that I am using MAC Sierra (newest OS) BUT!!! Deployed MV for the games for the MAC no longer save! You have to download the game from any outside source so that the computer thinks that your...
  8. KillerGin

    Save Issues (options)

      I don't know if anyone mentioned this or if it's something I am overlooking but for some reason saves are not remembering their settings anymore (I do not believe this occurred before the 1.3.3 update). If a player sets BGM to 40%, shuts down the game (shut it completely down) and runs MV...
  9. KillerGin

    MV Battle weather plugin background issue (Hime)

    Hello Hime! Ever since the update to 1.3.3 the battle weather plugin has a small glitch. The battle background does not fully cover the screen. There is about a 60 pixel gap at the bottom of the screen horizontally. Just seems the placement is off by -60 pixels Y. When I disable the plugin...
  10. KillerGin

    RPG MAKER MV STEAM Mac Update Failure 9.26.16

    Hey guys, I am not sure if it's just a STEAM Mac problem but since the new update that rolled out today on STEAM (9/26/16), RPG Maker MV is failing to even start up at all. It just exits right away. I saw on a forum online, another Mac user was asking has this problem happened to anyone else...
  11. KillerGin

    OMG Memory Hog! Causing PC Crashes! Why? Help!

    Here's a series of screen shots, where one can plainly see the memory use increasing as the Actor goes from Map to Map (House to House...) All I do is walk to a house, enter, walk around then out and on to the next one. The memory rises; it had climbed a bit more still after the last pic, the...
  12. KillerGin

    Android Deployment

    Hey guys! I am sure the team is working hard to improve MV and I appreciate it. I am just wondering if the team is aware that the Android build of the game is laggy to the point of unplayable. I am wondering they are working on this. Once the update is available, will the help me file...
  13. KillerGin

    Black Boxes Appearing on Map after 1.3 Update

    Black boxes are appearing on the map as the player moves about. There is a link to a sample test project to demonstrate the issue. Here is a small project you can download that highlights the black box problem. Just walk around the screen and the black boxes will appear. I am using 1 plugin...
  14. KillerGin

    RMMV Killer Gin (Available for PC, Mac, and Linux on STEAM)

    Current Demo: 0.9.4 (STEAM 28th Edition) Demos Available: PC, MAC, Linux, Browser Last Demo uploaded to STEAM: 9/3/20 (4,800+ hrs in!) STEAM Link: Official Facebook Game Page: Killer Gin Discord: Play Killer Gin Online here...
  15. KillerGin

    Killer Gin - download the latest demo!

    Game Features: Multiplatform Release The game will be commercially available for PC, MAC, Android, and Iphone, mid 2016! Gamepad/mouse/touch screen game Original Story Story currently being developed as a series of novels. Compliments the novel in many different ways...
  16. KillerGin

    Hello! I am new and I already have a demo! I am a professor... click me!

    I am not super new but I feel I am still relatively new! ;0) I am a professor working on introducing Video Game Design as a major at my college. I chose RPG Maker MV to teach my students how to make video games. I am also utilizing the game engine to create my very own game which I plan to...
  17. KillerGin

    Hello fellow game developers/RPG enthusiasts!

    Hello all! I am new to the scene but I can assure you I am here to stay! I plan on working on my game until its commercial release! I just submitted an early game development post and hopefully it will be approved soon. If you are interested in saving hi, ask questions, or anything in between...
  18. KillerGin

    Killer Gin

    I am currently developing Killer Gin. My original IP that will consist of a series of books and game releases. This game will release with the book, Killer Gin, by the end of 2016 on PC, MAC, Android Devices, and iPhone. The world is set in a fantasy setting where a new race of beings have...
  19. KillerGin

    MV, Event activate on Follower touch

    Hello All! I was wondering if someone had created an event that activated on follower touch and not just on player touch. Yes, I have checked and it has been created for ACE, but as far as I know, not for MV. I have a dungeon that will randomly spawn Death that will pursue the player and if...
  20. KillerGin

    Smart Pathfinding, event flee from player

    Hello all! I was wondering if someone could create a smart path finding script that worked to have an event actively flee the player! This would work well with my randomly spawning "treasure goblins" (a la Diablo 3)!  So basically how it works is that I would randomly spawn a "treasure goblin"...

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