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  1. Dad3353

    Script works, but not in a Conditional. Explanation, please..?

    Good evening... I have the following Script triggered in an Event, which works... When  trigger this, I get a Message Box with the Text in it. Good. I would like to have the same result as part of a Script triggered in an Event, but subject to a Condition. Here's what I have... The...
  2. Dad3353

    An Event to reference png files in Img/System folder..?

    Good morning... I use a plug-in which stores its png files in the img/system folder. These files are ignored when deploying excluding un-used files, as the System is unaware of the plug-in's need. I would like to create a 'dummy' Event, simply to have these files declared to the System, and...
  3. Dad3353

    How to display any one Sprite from a Character sheet...

    Good evening... I'm looking for a method, either by a 'Move Route' in an Event, or as a Script call, to display as an Event graphic any one of 6 Characters which I have on a Character sheet, in standard format (4 rows of 3 columns...). My Character only uses the top 6 slots on the sheet. Any...
  4. Dad3353

    Multiple Spoilers nest themselves...

    Good evening... When using Spoiler tags, any text following the Spoiler end is 'swallowed up' into the Spoiler. Any following Spoilers are equally 'swallowed'; each successive Spoiler finds itself contained in the preceding one. Hmm... I tried to create an example here, but, just to...
  5. Dad3353

    Nested Loops not working. Bug or not..?

    Good evening... The following code is of an Event, simply running two Loops, one inside the other. It never exits. It would appear (having traced the values with F9...) that the Outer Loop does not obey the test for exiting (my Bold...), despite its Value becoming 0 at the appropriate moment...
  6. Dad3353

    Why such limited Conditions for Events..?

    Not a problem, as such, simply curiosity on my part as to the choice of limiting Conditions in Events to Switches being 'On' (why not 'Off'..?), Variable being only '>=', to the exclusion of other possibilities such as '<'. Surely not for technical reasons..? Maybe so as to keep the screen...
  7. Dad3353

    How do M4a BGM files know when to loop..?

    I've looked at a few 'stock' m4a files, using Audacity, and see that they appear to have no Loop metadata tags like OGG files. I've no Android apparatus to even test, but I assume that 'Battle1', for instance, loops on Android just like on a PC, but where does it get the Loop information..? Does...
  8. Dad3353

    BGM Not looping since 1.3 update...

     RPG MAKER MV SOFTWARE BUG REPORT 1 - No plug-ins used 2 - Not reported in full with Example Project, as far as I know. 3 - BGM should loop, using the OGG Metadata, from LOOPSTART, for LOOPLENGTH. Since the update to 1.3, the BGM ignores these tags, and simply plays right through...
  9. Dad3353

    OGG BGM not respecting Loopstart and Looplength since update to 1.3...

    As in title, all BGM files which played fine in 1.2, starting correctly then looping following the OGG tags LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH, now loop from the start systematically, ignoring the tags. The OGG files have not changed. Is there something new regarding OGG Loop tags that we should know...
  10. Dad3353

    How to change by script the Currency Unit, please..?

    I'm trying to incorporate a dual Currency into my Game, but have some slight difficulties. The first is in changing the default \G value from 'Gold' in the Database to 'Quartz', for instance. I've been using the script call $dataSystem.currencyUnit=="Quartz", but when I display using \G, I still...
  11. Dad3353

    How to add to, and sort, MV Sample Maps, please..?

    I would like to be able to add some of my own Maps to the Sample Maps, to be loaded into other games I may make. I would equally like to sort the Sample Map list into alpha order, to simplify loading a new Map. Can this be done at all, and if so, how..? If not, is there any specific reason to...

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