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  1. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Contacting Olivia

    Random and a long shot I know, but does anyone know of a way to contact Olivia (AKA Fallen Angel Olivia)? Bought (with money) some of her plugins for my MV project and they basically wiped out two weeks worth of work on VoltAge:Genesis...even after deleting the offending plugins I can no longer...
  2. Golden Fish Entertainment

    VoltAge: Genesis

    VoltAge:Genesis ver.1 is out now! Available for $1 US; supporters on ******* (see link in the signature) will receive a download code for the game. "Journeys begin and end; the story does not." -Old...
  3. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question Re: Music from Different Engines

    Can music from one RPGMaker product be used in a different one, if licenses were purchased for both games? Basically, we paid for VXAce, now we are using MV, but there is music and SFX in Ace that we would like to use in our existing project. Since licenses were bought for both games, are we...
  4. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Custom Monsters for Current Project

    Decided that we should post the custom battlers we have come up with for our game thus far. Helpful feedback would be appreciated (hateful flamespamming will not), but really I think the main goal is just to let people see what we have been working on...will update periodically, as we have quite...
  5. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    Hello, just trying to mess around with some plugins and am having a bit of trouble with this one...I have the VE_BasicModule and the VE_ElementSet plugins both active, but I can't seem to get the damage to calculate...see the images below. I have the Barrel Sludge set to Fire*100% and...
  6. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question about Troops and Encounter Tables

    Working on making encounter tables for a game and am concerned we may run into some trouble with the troop limit...different areas of the game will be leveled differently, so we are running into issues where you may see the same troop at 3 or 4 different levels of strength throughout the game...
  7. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question Re: Encounter Weight

    Trying to determine exactly what the encounter weight values translate to in terms of "percentage chance of occurring". In other words, if we have five encounters, each with a different weight numbered 1-5, what percentage of the time will an encounter result in encounter four occurring...
  8. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Making a Weapon that Hits Multiple Foes

    As the title says, we have a couple of special weapons in our game that when fired, are intended to hit all the enemies on screen. Other than having some crazy skill swapping going on, does anyone have a suggestion for how to make this work? Thanks!
  9. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Weapon Animations not Occurring

    Been fiddling around with different weapon types (guns, swords, etc) and have noticed that no matter what animation is selected for the weapon in database, the normal attack option always uses the same animation. It's my understanding that the weapon animation should overwrite whatever the...
  10. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question for Parallax Mappers

    We have been looking at parallax mapping for VoltAge, however none of us on the team have the capability to do this, so we will probably end up bringing someone else on board for this.  We were just wondering, does it help if there is a "prototype" map done using tilesets? Or do most people...
  11. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Town Builder Script?

    At the risk of having people "keep it real" with us, is there a script for a town building mini-game floating around out there for commercial use (paid or otherwise)? Thanks.
  12. Golden Fish Entertainment

    VoltAge Kickstarter has opened!

    Our Kickstarter has just gone live! Even if you can't pledge, we would love it if you could just check out what we are working on. We have a number of pages, all of which are updated frequently. We hope that you like what you see! VoltAge...
  13. Golden Fish Entertainment

    DS+ Resource Pack "Save Menu" Script Issue

    We recently decided to add the alternate save menu script by Zalerinian, which was included with the DS+ Resource pack. HOWEVER, we have a problem :( Whenever we try to save a new file in-game, it saves the "playtime" of out current test file, but then resets everything else (characters...
  14. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Mack's Tilesets Commercial Use

    Not sure EXACTLY where we came across them, but we have an excellent "upgraded" version of the in-game assets which seem to have been made by a "Mack"...Now, we have found these tilesets hosted on many sites, but we can't find any information about whether they can be used commercially. Is the...
  15. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Copyright Infringement?

    Far be it for us to come across as "whistle-blowers" or "troublemakers", but one of our employees brought it to our attention that some of the battlers we recently got from the forums (which are listed as personal works, free to use in commercial projects) are actually pretty blatant copies of...
  16. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Is VXAce Android/iOS/XBOX360 compatible?

    Most of what has been posted on the forums and otherwise indicates that projects made using VX Ace CANNOT be ported to Android/iOS or the 360, yet then we have this little "gem", which appears to use a number of RPG Maker assets...
  17. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Character Sprite Issues

    After downloading the DS+ Resource Pack, it was found that several of the character sheets, when imported into our project, developed white or teal backgrounds which obscure a small area around them when in use. What's more, some of the resources in the file had the same name as VX Ace files...
  18. Golden Fish Entertainment

    DS+ Resource Pack Issue

    So, having just purchased the DS+ Resource Pack, our initial reaction was that the battlers, battlebacks, etc. were all wonderful...then our team started discovering the "caveats" in some of the scripts, etc. which say that, even though the product has been paid for, we cannot use it for...
  19. Golden Fish Entertainment

    "Skill Booster" Accessories

    We are trying to figure out a way to have certain accessories in the game act as "boosters" for certain skills, IE if you have a "Doctor's Bag" equipped, then your "First Aid" skill will heal more HP per usage, etc. We were thinking that we could use a common event, something like...
  20. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Separate healing items/abilities for Robots and Humans

    In our upcoming release, VoltAge, there are human and robot characters in the party. We want to have separate items which will heal the robots, since it won't make much sense if the robot gets healed by bandages, etc. What would be the best way to go about setting up separate heal...

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