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  1. Schlangan

    SelfSwitch Plugin

    This small plugin allows you to change the self switch of another event, even on another map. Though you can do it with a single script line, it was a good opportunity to create a basic plugin to help newcomers to see how they work. The plugin contains two commands; - GetSelfSwitch, to get the...
  2. Schlangan

    RMMZ Types of arguments in MZ for plugins

    Hello, While trying to create a plugin for MZ, I came up with the question of argument types for the new PluginManager MZ brought in. We specify the types of arguments through the @type instruction like this: @arg XXXX @type YYYY @text ZZZZ @desc DDDDD @default WWW But, what are the available...
  3. Schlangan

    RMMZ [Suggestion] Toolbar buttons for layer selection

    Description of the Feature: Addition of buttons in the toolbar for layer selection. Mockups: Why is this feature good? This feature would save clicks while mapping, allowing a change in layers without the need to go through an additional menu. Possible issues with this feature? If someone...
  4. Schlangan

    RMMZ prefix selectable everywhere

    I noticed that we can now select an engine prefix on all threads, the only available prefix being RMMZ. Is it intended? I thought engine prefixes were only available for some sections of the forum, like projects.
  5. Schlangan

    RPG Maker MV Gradients - How are they exactly created? Algorithm? Human whims?

    Hello, I've come here to ask about the gradients of the generator. As you know, MV uses gradients for coloring of resources. Until now, in my generator i've emulated some kinds of gradients by simply changing the brightness along the gradient. However, this is still somewhat different from the...
  6. Schlangan

    RPG Maker MV - Major framerate drops since last Windows 10 Update

    Hello, Since the last big Windows 10 update, while playtesting my project on RPG Maker MV, I encounter massive framerate drops that didn't occur before that update. I wanted to know if any of you had the same problem, and if there was a way to solve this issue ? Thanks.
  7. Schlangan

    Script condition on event pages

    Description of the Feature: In event pages conditions, getting a Script feature instead of/in addition to the second Switch option. Doing so would add more versatility to events and the ability to directly call plugin JS functions. Code for Implementation: Mockups: Why is this feature...
  8. Schlangan

    Schlangan's resources

    -------------- Introduction ----------------- Hello everyone ! I thought about it for a while, and I decided to post a few on my own / edits / recolor / tries of sprites for RPG Maker MV. Who knows, they could be of some use for someone someday. Hmm that's a lot of some some some.... Anyways...
  9. Schlangan

    Error while trying to unfollow topic from E-Mail

    Hello, I decided to unfollow a topic, and I tried to do it though the Unfollow link inside the email that came with replies on that topic, but it led me to the following error : I could of course unfollow the topic from the forum itself, but I thought it would be better to report the...
  10. Schlangan

    Character editor - logic between mask color and facesets

    Hello everybody, While I am making the extended character generator for MV, I am stumbling on the logic between the way the editor colors the pictures. Notably, some items have several colors, others have only one. If we look at the files of the generator, here is what I noticed: For...
  11. Schlangan

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.66 - Update on the 8th September 2020

    Hello everybody. As we know, RPG Maker MV brought in a nice character editor, also available in RPG Maker MZ. However, adding new assets is somewhat challenging if you don't know exactly how the numbering of items is made. Even by knowing it, it is annoying to deal with a specific naming of...
  12. Schlangan

    Conditions of enemy actions : multiple selection

    I have a suggestion about the conditions of Enemy actions. Currently, when selecting for example a skill used by the enemy, we have a single choice among several conditions (Turn, HP, MP, State, Party Level, Switch), using Radio Buttons. In RPG Maker XP, we had instead several checkboxes...
  13. Schlangan

    Action patterns with turns - incorrect behavior

    Hello everybody. While trying to set up the AI of one of the enemies of my game, I encountered a strange problem. Here is the action pattern of the enemy. As you see, I expected for the enemy to use the skills in the order : Attack, Charge, Rafale, Attack, Charge, Rafale, etc. But, for...
  14. Schlangan

    JS requests forum not visible from the front page

    Hello, With the recent changes on the forum, all the JS categories have been merged under the Javascript Board section. But, inside "JS Plugin Releases (RMMV)" still lies the "JS Plugin Requests" subforum, which is hence not visible from the forum index. Wouldn't it be better to put the "JS...
  15. Schlangan

    Simple Title shutdown command

    TitleShutdownCommand plugin Version : 1.00 Introduction This plugins adds a Shutdown command to the Title screen, for people who miss that functionality, and do not want to exit by ALT+F4 the game. How to Use Put the following code in a JS file named TitleShutdownCommand.js, that you...
  16. Schlangan

    XP to MV conversion script - Version 1.00 released.

    Hello everyone, Since MV is out, let's start serious business. As you all know, a Ace to MV converter has been developed by Shaz, but we're currently lacking a XP to MV converter. Unlike VXAce which is similar to MV in terms of database, XP is a tad older, and uses different mechanics...
  17. Schlangan

    RPG Maker MV description on Steam

    I was looking at RPG Maker MV description on Steam, and I found out one part that is not really intuitive for people that never used RPG Maker before; I don't think non RPG Maker users will understand what 1.5x means. Maybe they'll think of 1.5x resolution of their computer. On the website, the...
  18. Schlangan

    Help to properly redraw a faceset

    Hello resource masters ! I've been thinking about asking for help for a while, and I decided to finally do it. I'd like help on the following point : drawing facesets. But I won't ask you to draw many facesets, one should be enough. I've been trying to draw facesets by myself, but I'm...
  19. Schlangan

    Best way(s) to make an intro in a game ?

    As I was thinking about improving my current project, I realized that I was clearly lacking an introduction. Indeed, for now, the game start with one soldier in a military base, but we don't know much of where he is, or what he is doing. We get an understanding bit by bit, but without specific...
  20. Schlangan

    Missing link to RPG Maker MV in Products scroll menu

    As I was browsing through the forum and the website, I noticed that the website has now a link to RPG Maker MV Page under the products scroll down menu : However, the link is missing on the forum. Is it intentional, or has it been simply forgotten ?

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