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  1. Lunarea

    Steam Inspirational release

    Today, we have a MV version of a classic fan-favorite music DLC - now available on Steam! As always, your feedback is appreciated. Let us know if there are any other packs you'd love to see on Steam soon.
  2. Lunarea

    VNM Stand-Alone and Demo now available!

    We are pleased to announce that the stand-alone version of Visual Novel Maker, as well as a trial demo are now available! Visual Novel Maker is your answer to creating and sharing projects where beautifully-illustrated stories can truly shine. Whether you're looking to develop a sweet romance...
  3. Lunarea

    NEW! Medieval DLC

    The newest entry in the much beloved Medieval series is now available! Bring your homes, trees and structures up a notch with this remastered set of parallax essentials. With Medieval Expansion, you can create stunning environments that are perfect for adventure, romance and more. Click...
  4. Lunarea

    Event Original Character Contest - VX-Ace Entries

    ●Details● Submission Dates: 2018/4/10-2018/4/21 Each submission must contain the following to be considered: 1) A set of 12 frames for walking character sprite. 2) A set of 3 frames for damaged character sprite (If using RPG Maker MV). 3) A set of 54 frames for side-view battler (If using...
  5. Lunarea

    Event Original Character Contest - MV Entries

    ●Details● Submission Dates: 2018/4/10-2018/4/21 Each submission must contain the following to be considered: 1) A set of 12 frames for walking character sprite. 2) A set of 3 frames for damaged character sprite (If using RPG Maker MV). 3) A set of 54 frames for side-view battler (If using...
  6. Lunarea

    Event Original Character Contest!

    To celebrate the 1st year anniversary of RPG Maker forum in Japan, we’re holding an event for the first time, “Original Character Contest!” Make your own unique character known to the whole community! *************************************************** Submission Dates (PST): April 10th...
  7. Lunarea

    Time Fantasy: Side-View Animated Battlers!

    We're proud to announce a brand new addition to the Time Fantasy line- Side-View Animated Battlers! Optimized for RPG Maker MV, this comprehensive pack includes animated battlers from Time Fantasy and Time Fantasy: Monsters packs. With 80 characters, you're bound to find the perfect fighter for...
  8. Lunarea

    Wizard Castle Inner Tiles!

    Today, we've got a fun and exciting new tile mini pack that's all about wizardry and magic! Created by Sherman3D, this MV-formatted pack includes the essentials for creating the inside of a wizard castle - books, hats and brooms included. Click here for more information. Steam version...
  9. Lunarea

    Steampunk Town Tiles

    We've got an exciting new tile pack for you today! Steampunk Town Tiles is a brand new pack by Sherman3D, the creator of Steampunk Tiles MV. From gears and pipes to towering gable roofs and pillars, this sets includes the basics you'll need to create the streets and alleys of a...
  10. Lunarea

    Sale! RPG Maker Free Weekend and Sale!

    We're very excited to announce the beginning of the RPG Maker Free weekend! You can try RPG Maker MV or Visual Novel Maker for free over the next 3 days, or save a bundle on the software and some of our favorite DLC! For more details and to take advantage of this fantastic offer, please...
  11. Lunarea

    Member+: Vexed and Heroine Character Pack

    Today, we have two exciting brand new packs to share with you! Member Plus Collection: Vexed is a highly-requested bundle of graphic assets for RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker VX-Ace, created by Vexed Enigma - the artist behind the popular POP series. This extremely large pack features modern...
  12. Lunarea

    GENE tool, Fantasy Heroine and Emotional 2

    Now available as a stand-alone RPG Maker Web product! GENE is an intuitive new tool created for RPG Maker MV that simplifies visual event scene creation and helps you develop your project faster. Your game's opening, ending and cut scenes can now be made using an intuitive timeline and a quick...
  13. Lunarea

    Monster Evolution!

    Are you ready for the monster evolution!? From the talented artist Tyler Warren comes the 6th set of battlers - allowing you to change and evolve your monsters over time. Whether you're looking for bosses and matching minions or plan to make your game's enemies grow dynamically as the player...
  14. Lunarea

    Crimson Towers and Haunted School

    Today, we have two brand new packs to share with you. From the talented Michael Rookard comes another battlepack - this time featuring vampires and werewolves. Crimson Tower Battlepack includes 8 enemy graphics and 3 battle backgrounds that will help you create a terrifying tower of blood. If...
  15. Lunarea

    RPG Maker Birthday Mini Sale!

    To continue along with the birthday celebrations, we have a mini sale going on in the RPG Maker Web store! From today until February 26th, you can save a bundle by picking up RPG Maker MV and some of its DLC. You can pick up RPG Maker MV, SAKAN and MADO for only 29.60$ --- that's over 75$ in...
  16. Lunarea

    NEW: Time Fantasy and Seraph Circle

    Seraph Circle: Monster Pack II is the newest entry in the Seraph Circle battler series. Like the first pack, Monster Pack II features brightly colored and imaginative monsters - both the basics like wizards and enchantresses, and unique monsters like ogresses and possessed statues. Click here...
  17. Lunarea

    NEW! Medieval series DLC

    Today, we have two brand new DLC to share in the ever-popular Medieval series from PVGames. Are you ready to explore the deepest dungeons and caverns? From dwellings to denizens, Medieval: Underdeep includes all the basics you'll need to create the perfect cave. Click here for more...
  18. Lunarea

    Magical School and Grand Adventure

    Today, we've got two amazing music packs to share with you - both are composed by the very talented Joel Steudler, and we'd love to see what incredible adventures they'll inspire you to create. Harry Potter fans rejoice! Magical School Music Pack is all about that grandiose mystical and...
  19. Lunarea

    Celtic Adventure and Dignified Fantasy Vol. 2

    We have a brand new music release for you today, featuring two amazing albums from Bittersweet Entertainment. Celtic Adventure Sound collection is a musical journey through the Highlands. Featuring highest quality instruments and clever composition, this audio pack is a must-have for any...
  20. Lunarea

    Steam Releases

    This week, we're sharing a few new releases for our Steam fans. For RPG Maker MV: For RPG Maker VX-Ace:

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