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  1. Stormowl

    Mullet for Generator(Male)

    Could anyone make a mullet for RPG Maker MV? Like this: Thanks!
  2. Stormowl

    Action RPG Script

    I want to remake one of my older games in MV. Can't quite remember what the old script was but it was from ACE, but I remember you pressed the "A" key to attack and it displayed the weapon icon. I also want it to cause an event to happen each time you run out of health. So as long as It's an...
  3. Stormowl

    How do you display Windows Pop-Up messages?

    In VX Ace there was something you could paste into script call, It doesn't seem to work anymore. How do you do it now?
  4. Stormowl

    Location of Generator folder on MAC?

    I can't seem to find it, anyone know where It might be located?
  5. Stormowl

    Windows pop up message during gameplay?

    Is there anyway I can make a windows message pop up during an event? I want it to display text I choose for it to display.
  6. Stormowl

    Anyone wanna help remake my sprite or help with movement?

    So I made this sprite for 2D segments in my game but I'm not very fond on what it looks like so if any of you can help re create it please go ahead. I also wanted to know how I should animate the walking animation. So if you could make a walking version please do. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Stormowl

    Perecent HP HUD Request

    Hi, I would like to request a simple script where the first party members HP is displayed in percents at all times. Please Note: -First Party Member Only -Percent only -Do not make the HUD disappear when speaking to objects I hope this is easy for you guys to do! Thank you.
  8. Stormowl

    Auto action battle system request

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I need a script that is like this: So here's what I want: -Bump into an enemy and a auto quick battle will start. -(Optional) Have a similar health bar attached to the script like in the example posted above) So please...

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