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  1. Otakuhn

    Holy , and Demonic Battlebacks

    Resource Type: (Battlebacks) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (Serious , Pixeled) Old Church - Request Description:  ( Medieval Church made of cobblestone red torches  ,  red candles , red flames atop torches womanly stone statue in background) ( Cryptic Version of Church still made of...
  2. Otakuhn

    Text Based Battle System

    While I know that this request may sound daunting , I would like this request to be looked at , I am looking for a battle system to be made with minimal graphics except a parallax background and detailed information regarding each combatant , here's an image of what I desire the screen to look...
  3. Otakuhn

    Experience Buffs

    In some games when you are in battle , or out of battle you can do an action and you get awarded a buff , what I want is a buff where you will be granted increased experience gains and have it act as a buff that hovers over the battler graphic and over the bust sprite in my game. Ideally, I...
  4. Otakuhn

    Title System

    In some games, there's a mechanic in games where you can get bestowed titles and these titles provide bonuses . Like Relentless would increase the agility stat or the quick learner title would increase experience gain . I was wondering if anyone could create a plugin where you can have...
  5. Otakuhn

    Factor Tycoon

    Whether it would be experience or money , you should be able to invest and earn rewards at X intervals , loot , currency , experience even party members. So invest lets say 100 Gold , and at the end of the day you would earn , 10 Experience , you would earn 10 experience continually at the end...
  6. Otakuhn

    Animated Icons

    Would it be possible , I'm not sure if its made yet but the possibility of animated icons ? where you can have a sequence of picture files for each icon that get filled into an iconset if that makes little sense I will try to clarify my answer anyway I can , thanks !
  7. Otakuhn

    Battler Creator Utility

    I would like someone to create a utility that would speed up the battler creation process right now you have to do it pixel by pixel , but I believe if a utility was made which sped up the process it would be greatly appreciated,  Some possible ideas for loopholes that it could skip so the...
  8. Otakuhn

    Large Battler Screen Panning

    When you fight a big enemy you would think that you would be able to see the head or the extent of there size but sometimes it gets cutoff , so I was thinking what if the screen pans to the top of the said battler before they attack to make the battle more impactful . So simply the battle pans...
  9. Otakuhn

    Spectator Battle System

    I would like someone , to create a system where there is no moves , or skills to select instead its all placed in a strategy type screen where you can allocate what skills for whom you want in the party and the results of the battle can not be swayed except for an escape battle button . So to...
  10. Otakuhn

    Pixel Dragon Battlers

    Resource Type: (Battlers) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (Pixel art , suited to the artist's style , try to make the dragon intimidating and serious not so cartoonish.) Description:  (I would like to see some dragon battlers , some that stand on 4 legs , some on 2 and have disposable ...
  11. Otakuhn

    Exit Battle and then resume in escaped battle

    I would like someone make a plugin where once you leave the battle , you can go back in but heres the twist the damage that you dealt to the enemies before remains the same , if you killed any enemies those ones are gone and if specified they would heal if it was enabled in the options . I...
  12. Otakuhn

    Massive Constant Battles NEW ABS!?

    I want to be able to have 40 to over a hundred party members that can partake in battle , but you only control your hero and all attacks and spells take place at the same time so the enemies receive all the damage at the same time and not one at a time I will be posting a image soon on what it...
  13. Otakuhn

    Export all generated character files into one folder?

    Would it be possible to export all the generator export parts without indivisibly pressing export on each different generated files? maybe into just a folder named with Whateveryouwanttonameit1- whatever the amount of exported files are
  14. Otakuhn

    Eye layer in generator? Additional Layers?

    Is it possible to add a eye layer ? or any layers to the generator?
  15. Otakuhn

    Re spawn character in battle

    Can someone make a plugin where in battle if a member of your party or your character dies it will re spawn after a set amount of turns and can be modified for how fast via note tags and bonuses in a new algorithm for calculating how long it would take to re spawn and have a amount of times you...
  16. Otakuhn

    Borderlands Style Fast Travel System

    A plugin should be made where you can travel anywhere you have went before
  17. Otakuhn

    Borderlands Style Enemy Strengthening

    A plugin should be made where in  battle if someone on your party's side is killed if the enemy has a new battler sprite made and the correct notetags for what the monster changes into it should change appearance and grow stronger
  18. Otakuhn

    Monster Particles

    Have little monster gibs appear on the screen after each monster is killed I can provide an example if you want one a game that does this is terraria where parts of the monsters fly all over when killed On a characters attack particles fly around the monster like blood , cogs or anything else...
  19. Otakuhn

    Can I use rpg maker characters as an avatar?

    Can I do that or am I not allowed to?
  20. Otakuhn

    Image Battles and Counter for enemies left

    be able to choose a image the size of the screen that replaces the battlers and the battle backs since they would be overlayed by the image , also if possible overlay any bars near the center and when other monsters attack the image would switch and you should be able to cycle through what you...

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