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    RMMV Yanfly's Autosave Plugin

    Not sure if this is the right forum but it seemed pretty close to what I was going for. I want to buy Yanfly's Autosave plugin for my game, the only problem is that it seems you have to buy an entire $10 bundle of plugins to get it. Is there any way I can just get the Autosave plugin without all...

    RMMV Hailpath MV - Available now!

    Hailpath MV is a remastered version of the critically acclaimed RPG title Hailpath. Developed using RPG Maker MV (Hence the MV in the title) it has many brand spanking new features! By brand spanking new we mean as new as it gets before MZ is released. Anyway...

    How to make Weapon Smith

    I'm making a Weapon Smith in my game, so he takes an item for a payment instead of money. Is there a plugin for this? And if so, can it make more than one item as payment? i.e: Weapon Core and Reforged Sword as payment for Perfect Sword.

    How to apply state to party members *and* enemies.

    I've given one of my actors a time-stop skill that adds a state to enemies so they can't act for 3 turns. Thing is, I need the state to also apply to the rest of the battlers. Since I can only make the target "All Enemies" or "All Allies" it's given me some trouble. I'd appreciate any advice you...

    Unable to read .json files

    So today I tried to open up my project and it said "Unable to read Skills.json file". It's not the first time it's happened but I desperately need a solution other than trash the files and start from zero. I've tried everything I can think of but RPGMV is being a stubborn mule. I greatly...

    Grudge enemy

    How do I make an enemy attack only a certain party member? And if that party member isn't present, then just attack randomly? Many thanks for your help.

    Problem with Yanfly's Libra

    So when I use the simple version of Libra (Hiding the enemy's HP bar with the plugin command then revealing it using Libra) it doesn't reveal the HP bar. The complex version shows the stats but doesn't quite fit with the text box. Any solutions for either of these problems?

    Add debuff to actor upon using skill.

    Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well during these troublesome times. Quick question: When I use an attack, how can I add debuffs to the actor that used it? Example: Actor uses attack. After the attack his DEF M.DEF and AGL are lowered. I've tried using the Effect box but that just aplies the...

    Problem with Yanfly's Sideview Battle Actor Plugin

    I've installed the plugin so I can use my SV Actors as enemies but when I try to battle test them it says "Cannot read height of undefined" The notetags I've entered on the enemy are <Sideview Battler: Gracie Battle> and <Sideview Weapon: 10>

    RPG Maker MV won't start

    Installed RPG Maker MV on PC. I activated it using a license key but all I get is a blank white screen. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Opinions and advice about mapping.

    What's your advice or opinion when it comes to mapping (Design, size, etc.)? Frankly it's never been my strong suit and I'm looking for other people's views on it.

    Unexpected file format

    I recently move one of my projects from one computer to another. When I try to open it, it displays the error in the screenshot I have all the files from the computer I used to use and I can't find anything wrong other than it won't open Please help it would mean a lot.

    Hard Mode Plugin

    Does anybody know a plugin that lets the player choose between normal and hard difficulty? Also if they choose hard it needs to make all the enemies stronger.

    HP Gauge Plugin

    Looking for a HP Gauge plugin since a lot of my players requested it. Just a simple, basic one. Nothing fancy. I'm a VX n00b and I've never actually used a plugin before so details on how to install would also be appreciated. Thanks

    Boss Battle with 4 Phases

    I'm making a boss battle with multiple phases. So far I have when he (the boss) gets down to half HP, he shifts phases. After that, it won't let me shift again using the When Enemy HP is __% command because it still thinks the first phase is the only enemy. Advice?

    Guard against any attack?

    Trying to make a skill that protects my party against any attack, but I need it to be usable only once per battle. Suggestions?

    How do I change a skill (Read Description)

    I have a skill made in the game I'm working on, where when used it aborts the battle. How do I modify it so it can't be used in boss fights?

    No idea how to check boss HP

    I'm a user of RPG Maker VX Ace. It was suggested to me by a friend that I should include a function to check a bosses HP mid-bossfight. After failing to create this on my own, I googled some tutorials but was unable to find what I was looking for. (All I found were guides on how to make an HP...

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