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  1. Need help with tilesets

    ok thank you @Sharm
  2. Need help with tilesets

    ok I'll try your idea thank you by the way do you know the what size should i change it?
  3. Need help with tilesets

    so all i have to do is upscale the Fantastic Buildings Medieval tile so that it can work well with rpg mv?
  4. Need help with tilesets

    like FANTASTIC BUILDINGS: MEDIEVAL I thought i could use that for RPG Maker MV but i read that rpg mv have a problem with this pack so im having difficulties of buying the pack or just find new one and if your wandering what kind of dark theme here is the image hope you understand the concept
  5. Need help with tilesets

    Hey guys im new to rpg maker and I wanted to try make a dark theme game like bloodbore but i cant find the perfect tilesets. Could someone give a newbie like me a hand?

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