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  1. Akone

    OcRam - Layers plugin

    Yeah I hope you come with something, cause for me, not be able to walk in front and behind (the same) object is a huge turn off about using this engine !! EDIT: I tried many thing, but I thing for now the only thing I can do about it, is to rethink the level design so that we cannot walk in...
  2. Akone

    OcRam - Layers plugin

    Hey bro I'm really sorry, but I don't get how to set a "bottom" and "top" layer as it was in the BindPicturesToMap plugin for parallax mapping ?? ...... Thanks a lot! The tuto video is nice, but another tuto version text would be awesome... EDIT: Ok I think I manage to make it work, but I don't...
  3. Akone

    OcRam - Layers plugin

    Ok thanks for the answer dude !! I have so many question but to go deeper I will open my own post, I don't want "to pollute" yours ^^ !!
  4. Akone

    OcRam - Layers plugin

    So, first sorry for this post which is perhaps dumb, but I am a beginner with MV (not new in game development) and after some research, it seem that this is the plugin to use for parallax mapping in 2019+ !! But it seem that I can manage to find how to use collision map ? So do there is a way to...

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