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  1. 8bitsim

    Z-Index/Layer/Overlay Level of "on-Map" Plugins? (Iavra Minimap/Olivia Proximity Compass)

    Hello, I was really hoping someone more experienced than I could assist with a problem I have? I am using: Proximity Compass plugin for RPG Maker MV (Paid); and Iavra Minimap The attached images show: The proximity compass Iavra's minimap activated at the same position. As you can see in...
  2. 8bitsim

    SRD Gold Window Customizer (Horizontal?)

    I was hoping someone could help with a horizontal gold window in the menu? SRD Gold Window Customizer seems to be ideal, but for some reason I cannot create the required effect. Attached are: The window with 1 row and any number of columns (my settings result - see #3). The window with 1...

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