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  1. Sauteed_Onion

    Transition to Encounter type / With mixed in ABS

    Hi strange topic, but, I've been considering having some Active Battle System segments in the game I am working on with traditional transition to a combat scene style combat as the norm. Basically, I just want to keep some fun (hopefully) mini-game'esque segments tossed into my gameplay and I...
  2. Sauteed_Onion

    Documentary type films you'd recommend (meow)

    Hi, I like to study history a little, and I also like general technological advances type documentaries. Do you humans and net critters have any recommendations on documentaries? They can be YouTube'd or on DVD/BluRay. I prefer non-politically activated documentaries, because I can't stand...
  3. Sauteed_Onion

    More Cat Related "Splash Art"

    Hi, I think cats are under represented on the decorative art banners.. I'd like to suggest more cats meow. Thanks.
  4. Sauteed_Onion

    Cat Themed Icons for use in RPG MAKER MV

    HI thanks for considering my thread meow. I'm looking for some cat themed Icons for use in my game! In particular, a cat's paw, with no claws extended, possibly going from bottom right corner to upper left corner, a cat's paw with claws extendend perhaps going in the same direction, a full...
  5. Sauteed_Onion

    How do I make a land vehicle for overworld use

    Hi, I was wondering how you would make say a vehicle players can use to travel over land and possibly have it set so there are no encounters while driving it. Would be nice if you could board the vehicle from in town, and have it transfer the player to the overworld map from in town. I'm not...
  6. Sauteed_Onion

    Worst Nightmares.. for ROBOTS!

    Ok, I think wrenches are a robot's worst nightmare. I've heard other people say radically different things. What is a robot's worst nightmare?
  7. Sauteed_Onion

    How do you make a variable drop as an item at the end of combat

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read this meow. I am wondering how to make an enemy drop a "variable" instead of an "item". Say you are fighting a creature your character might like the meat of, and you win the fight, and instead of getting an item that says "random creature meat" you get a...
  8. Sauteed_Onion

    Yanfly Row Formation positioning help

    Hi, I'm working on setting up Yanfly's Row Formation plug in, and I have several questions, but I'll start the thread off with How do I get the characters to not be right behind each other? I have 2 rows that will be used, but I have a fight set up where a character joins in the middle of the...
  9. Sauteed_Onion

    How do I make another enemy join a fight when an enemy reaches a certain HP%?

    Hi, I'd like to know how to make an enemy join a fight somewhere in the middle of the fight and I'd like to know if it is at all possible to do this without plugins? And if not, which plug in would you recommend, meow?
  10. Sauteed_Onion

    How do I make a friendly actor appear in a fight at a certain % of HP

    Just as the title of the thread asks, if I'm programming a battle, how do I make it so a friendly person joins the battle and helps you fight the enemy when either your actor reaches a certain % of Hit Points, or the enemy reaches a certain % of hit points?
  11. Sauteed_Onion

    Cat Enemy Battlers (static images)

    Hi, I'm in need of some non-anthropomorphic cat enemy battlers, pretty please. I am using some battlers from Ækashics collections. I am not using Dragonbones or any of that stuff, just need a larger variety of cat enemies. In particular a black and white "tuxedo" cat matching the rtp Nature...
  12. Sauteed_Onion

    How do you set HP and MP to a percentage?

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I was wondering how you set an individual character or even your whole party's HP and MP to a percentage instead of just doing a static amount, in a non combat, on map event. Would using a few lines of java script be the way to go about it? If so, can you...
  13. Sauteed_Onion

    Festival of Light and Twilight Shrine Japanese Resource Packs

    I want to say the MUSIC in these packs is awesome. At the full price of 9.99 , I was a bit on the fence, but when I bought them on sale for $4.99 a piece, I was so pleasantly surprised. They also come with a nice selection of Japanese themed sound effects and music effects. There is enough music...
  14. Sauteed_Onion

    Modern day tile sets for MV (either rmw store or steam)

    If this is the wrong place to ask this question, please feel free to move the thread, meow. Anyhow, on to the subject matter.. I am looking for some modern to sci-fi (city and possibly modern or sci-fi facility) tile packs. I've seen the modern city pack for ACE, I was wondering if anything...
  15. Sauteed_Onion

    First Person Battle Systems

    Ok I know that some versions of RPG maker had First Person Battle System in there, and one had Side View Battle available, but with MV we have Side view and First Person available.. But it seems like many people despise First Person View combat? Is this simply because all the games made with...
  16. Sauteed_Onion

    My art and literature thread

    First of all , thanks for viewing my thread :3 I may not know many of you guys or gals or random internet critters (it's cool, meow) , but welcome. I don't want to flood the status updates with music videos , so I'll drop some of my uploaded soundcloud in here. Please enjoy them.
  17. Sauteed_Onion

    How do you use a variable input to flip a self switch?

    Ok, basically I would like to know how to have a variable code input set up so it asks for me to input a code, and if successful it activates a self switch. What I have so far is wrong.. I can put the code in incorrectly and it just flips the self switch anyways. Meow, please help and thank you...
  18. Sauteed_Onion

    Scrolling Clouds (RMMV questions)

    I am wondering if there are like plug-ins that are better than others for this.. So far I'm looking at Galv's layers plug-in, does anyone have any advice? Are there better plug-ins for this effect? If I have posted this in the wrong section please move it. Not wanting to start a flame war or...
  19. Sauteed_Onion

    How to make a Journal or Notepad RMMV

    Hi I have no basis for comparison because I haven't found one yet. What I'm wanting to make is a Journal or Notepad I can collect notes in, maybe accessed from the menu screen. I don't know how to do that. Let's say I was skulking around in a game, and searched a book case in a suspect's house...
  20. Sauteed_Onion

    VX ACE Switches Demo/Tutorial how'd they do that?

    Ok Was this image (A.) applied by putting a parallax image in there after the text in the event page? I'd open it up in the VX ACE editor but I don't have it, yet. I'm considering it from the humble sale.

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