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  1. theartofme

    Ink Integration

    About This plugin integrates Ink with RPG Maker MZ/MV. This allows you to write all your dialogue in Ink and display it using a simple plugin command, which for me at least is much easier than managing message box events! Features Run Ink scripts starting from arbitrary knots/stitches Start...
  2. theartofme

    Ink Integration

    LWP_Ink 1.0 Logan Pickup This plugin has now been superseded by the combined RMMV/RMMZ plugin. Please see that thread for future updates. Introduction Ink is a narrative engine that focuses on writing markup rather than scripting, the intention being that text comes first, code second. This...

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Gotta vent a minute: "Move routes" have been unintuitive and clunky since the 90's and I absolutely cannot believe there is no built-in functionality to direct an event to an x, y coordinate. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
I watched a local Amish community hold a cart and buggy presidential rally that passed by my worksite this afternoon and it really got me do the Amish keep up with national news?
trying to wrap up the boat/ship/castaway tilesets with a great galleon - no promises
Mail from campus: we will have the lessons this semester not remote, if possible. All my my profs: Remote it is. Just finished a stealth system, its not metal gear solid level though, maybe elder scrolls level, it just works.

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