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  1. Tugasmo

    Question about mapping with VX and send the whole mapping to XP for script/game

    Is this a good idea? I mean, I have been looking around asking stuff etc to see what I can gather and start to structure my project but it's taking time and I have nothing done so I was wondering if I can start mapping with VX and then send everything to XP for scripts and game. Will this...
  2. Tugasmo

    Looking for Actiong/Active Battle System (Commercial friendly)

    Hello. I am looking for an ABS (Action/Active Battle System) for my Project. The idea I have is a Zelda-like battle system. Ofc, it doesn't have to be identical. Something similar to it, is good enough. This script should be free for commercial and free for me to edit as I want. I'll credit...
  3. Tugasmo

    Questions regarding XP and VX

    Well, first of all, I'm sure that this is not the right side of the forum to be posting this but I am not sure where exactly I should be asking these questions so I think it's wise to just post this in the offtopic thread and give you guys (mods for moving the post) here for now. Ok, so, for...
  4. Tugasmo

    Hello from Portugal

    Hello everyone! It's a big pleasure to join the community of such great game makers. I am from Portugal and I love playing games (who doesn't... lol) but making a game is a dream that I have since I was a kid. I'm here to learn everything you guys have to give, in hope of opening new doors for...

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Your jumping works great, self. Now onward! Let's add to some of those dungeon tilesets that are looking a tad sparse.
Gotta vent a minute: "Move routes" have been unintuitive and clunky since the 90's and I absolutely cannot believe there is no built-in functionality to direct an event to an x, y coordinate. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
I watched a local Amish community hold a cart and buggy presidential rally that passed by my worksite this afternoon and it really got me do the Amish keep up with national news?
trying to wrap up the boat/ship/castaway tilesets with a great galleon - no promises

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