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  1. Krizzirk

    Jianghu Action Battle System

    My apology if this matter has been brought forward. Can a 2d character fight against and be retaliated by pseudo3d model, like in martial art sequence and choreography?? As you may know. All the perish and parry, pursuit, withdraw, hoodwink strike, end. I've never played any of the AAA action...
  2. Krizzirk


    Perhaps this could be the time I'd get really serious with any fiction works. Hello people, I am glad to make acquaintance of you all here. I also have "amalgamation" projects to do.. But yeah thanks for allowing me

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Your jumping works great, self. Now onward! Let's add to some of those dungeon tilesets that are looking a tad sparse.
Gotta vent a minute: "Move routes" have been unintuitive and clunky since the 90's and I absolutely cannot believe there is no built-in functionality to direct an event to an x, y coordinate. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
I watched a local Amish community hold a cart and buggy presidential rally that passed by my worksite this afternoon and it really got me do the Amish keep up with national news?
trying to wrap up the boat/ship/castaway tilesets with a great galleon - no promises

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