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  1. [MV] Is there a summoner/pokemon plugin where the main character can’t enter a fight but can summon creatures he acquired to fight for him ?

    Hello everyone, I tried to explain it the best way possible in the title, I am looking for a plugin or a script that allows the player to be like a « summoner », he can captures some ennemies (and maybe see them in like a special book, like a pokedex ?) and then summons the monsters he captured...
  2. How to create a 2,5d movement system

    Hello, I am pretty new to rpg maker so maybe what I'll ask is impossible to do, or even maybe it's really simple and can be done with eventing (but in this case I need some indications because I have absolutely no idea of how to do it). What I want is a kind of 2,5d movement system with only 2...

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