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  1. dyoghenes

    RMMZ LAUDANUM - a Delirium adventure (Demo)

    THE STOIC OPPOSITION presents LAUDANUM - a Delirium adventure THE STORY One day a young woman wakes up to realize that his father is missing. As she founds out, his father contracted the plague and was transported to the local hospital, while she must remain in a quarantine. Avoiding...
  2. dyoghenes

    Show Icon while hovering over Event

    Hi! With MV we had Galenmereth's Mouse System EX for changing the cursor/showing an icon while hovering over an event. With MZ, registering hovering is natively implemented into the engine, so my question would be: how would it be possible to show an icon with the cursor while hovering over an...
  3. dyoghenes

    RMMZ Set height of Window_EventItem (RMMZ)

    Hi! I recently started porting my MV game into MZ and here is the problem: I wanted the "Select Item" window to have 3 instead of 2 columns, so I opened rmmz_windows.js and modified into 3. This worked, but now the Select Item window shows an extra row (I have 9 items) and I don't know how to...
  4. dyoghenes

    No window drawn on phone

    Hi! I recently uploaded my game to in html5 format. I tried to launch it on my phone (Pixel 2 XL), and it doesn't draw any windows (text, menu, etc.). The namebox from yanfly's plugin is working. Anybody has any idea why this happens and how to fix it? *Drawn. Sorry.
  5. dyoghenes

    Dialogue Puzzles

    Hi! I don't know whether this was discussed before (I didn't find any thread with this or similar name) so if it already exists I am sorry. Previously I made combat-heavy games because that was the only way I knew how to prolong the walkthrough time. I recently started working on a non-combat...
  6. dyoghenes

    CSCA-style Professions/Gathering plugins

    Hi! My previous game in VXAce relied heavily on three CSCA scripts: Crafting, Gathering, and to hold it together, Professions. I switched to MV but would really need some plugins to replicate these three. Crafting is done by Vlue, but the other two, especially Professions is something I...
  7. dyoghenes

    Selected window flashing

    Hi! How can I achieve that the selected option in a window (for example at the title) does not have a blinking/flashing background, but a solid one?
  8. dyoghenes

    Tint Screen problem

    I don't know if it's a bug or it has something to do with plugins but I used tint screen with Night preset and on my laptop everything was normal but on my phone instead of making the screen darker and blue, it became brighter and yellow. Does anyone know what causes this?
  9. dyoghenes

    Sleek Item Popup conversion

    Hi! My question would be if someone would be so kind as to convert the Sleek Item Popup script?

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