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  1. liviticus

    RMMV Malifex

    SYNOPSIS Malifex is the culmination of a story that has been lurking in my mind for many years, it has had a few previous iterations in RPG Maker VX Ace. However with the birth of my Son I decided to start again in earnest, so that he could enjoy the game some day. I have used RPG Maker MV for...
  2. liviticus

    How do you feel about in game books?

    Hi, I'm sure everyone has played games with in game books, however personally I only skim read them if at all. In my current project I use them to explain lore and culture. But more recently I have been using them to add hidden side quests and knowledge variables. Do you think they add...
  3. liviticus

    Is there a way to force the enemy to act first?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if there is a way to force an enemy to act first in a given fight. For example; A boss buffs itself prior to the players being able to act. I have played around with agility but I have yet to see that work in the combat preview? Any help would be appreciated :) Many...
  4. liviticus

    Does every npc require a face?

    Hey everyone. Im in the early stages of my current project and have a question to ask. What are your thoughts on npc facset. Does ruin your interest and or imertion, if random villager does not have a face added to thier text box. Or are you quite happy that there are a given amount of...
  5. liviticus

    Recurring charectors

    Hi everyone. I find that across many of my projects, that I have npcs that you have grown to love that always make it back into new projects. Sometimes its not even a npc but item type or collectable. In my own games there is usually a liviticus a legendary chain Smith selling bespoke chain...
  6. liviticus

    Show picture epiphany

    Hi everyone. I have been busy designing my intro recently and I had the usual argument with my inner monologue, reference scrolling text versus show picture. Normally scrolling text would win but I wanted to try show picture instead to allow the viewer to read at thier own pace. Fast forward...
  7. liviticus

    Hi everyone, unlurking at last.

    Hi, I have been snooping from afar for maybe the last 4 years and finally have come out the shadows :) . I've been caught in the rpg maker cycle of creating and starting over. However i took some advice from the forums and got a big workpad instead. Needless to say it has helped no wonders...

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