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  1. IAmVianca

    Need Help (Parallaxing Issue)

    I did that too.
  2. IAmVianca

    Need Help (Parallaxing Issue)

    That was the first few things I did trying to troubleshoot this. Tried that too, but all it did is give me an error when I launched the game and went to that map about the image missing.
  3. IAmVianca

    Need Help (Parallaxing Issue)

    The map is an image I have as a parallax but am using in the show editor thing found at the map properties. I have also tried walking around and it loops the overlay images (par, light, shadow). Also I noticed that if I walked to the left a few paces, it aligns somewhat correctly. If it is a...
  4. IAmVianca

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    This is why I started doing parallax mapping.
  5. IAmVianca

    Need Help (Parallaxing Issue)

    As the title of this post states, I need help with a parallaxing issue. I have successfully made several parallax maps before but this is the first that I came across this problem. So, I am on 1.6.1 of MV, using the following Plugins: And, whenever I test the map in...
  6. IAmVianca

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hey guys, I have a question. Right now, I'm not using a plugin to zoom in and out of a particular area/character/scene. What I am using is this: var xPos = $gameMap.event(5).screenX(); var yPos = $gameMap.event(5).screenY(); $gameScreen.startZoom(xPos, yPos, 1.5, 20); And, I am using...
  7. IAmVianca

    Aramis Sprite Zoom

    I can't seem to get this to work. I've tried putting it on the event itself, then on a custom move route, then on a event that controls the cutscene and I can't get the sprite I want to shrink. I'm using the code: SpriteZoom.zoom(6, 0.5); 6 is the event ID I want to shrink the sprite...
  8. IAmVianca

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I've been having a conundrum for the past few days in regards with Yanfly's Item Core and AltMenuScreen3 which I think I may have found "problem" code with. In Yanfly's Item Core plugin, there's this code: Window_ItemInfo.prototype.drawDarkRect = function(dx, dy, dw, dh) { var color =...
  9. IAmVianca

    Parameters Help

    Bump. Anyone?
  10. IAmVianca

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hey, Yanfly, I got a question about your Item Core. How do I make those rectangles (and that box for the magnified icon) to become transparent? I'm asking because I'm using the AltMenuScreen3 plugin that allows me to customize the background of the menus. Thank you.
  11. IAmVianca

    Help With Yanfly Item Core Plugin

    Bump. This has really been bugging me.
  12. IAmVianca

    Help With Yanfly Item Core Plugin

    Sorry, I meant to keep them from appearing (meaning I don't need them) as they ruin the background I already made.
  13. IAmVianca

    Help With Yanfly Item Core Plugin

    So, I am working on my menu backgrounds and such using altmenuscreen3 plugin and I've come across a problem with Yanfly's Item Core plugin. Basically, I already have in mind a background for the Item Scene that I made for the plugin. But when I tested it, I got this: The rectangles for...
  14. IAmVianca

    Left And Right Doors

    I have one that I am using for my project but it takes a little bit of positioning (trial and error) and meddling at the event editor to to get it right.
  15. IAmVianca

    Parameters Help

    So, I need help again and I will very much appreciate it as I am in the finishing touches of my project's database. My question is: Is there a way to set up base parameters like these: Attack= Strength + Current Equipment Defense = Stamina + Current Equipment Accuracy = Agility +...
  16. IAmVianca

    Consumable items to alter character traits?

    The items can do this by themselves, can't they? You just have to use the effects box and select what parameters you want to increase there.
  17. IAmVianca

    Battle Item with Random Effect Help

    Yeah, I am starting to think this specific item is a little over the top for me to make at the moment. I may give up on it. Thank you for trying to help though, Blindga. I very much appreciate it.
  18. IAmVianca

    Battle Item with Random Effect Help

    It doesn't give the effect that it should. The actor uses the item, but nothing happens and I end up having to see a different actor than the one who used the item move as well. (Eg. Actor 1 used the Lucky Gummy item on Actor 2, then Actor 2 ends up taking a turn to use the item the Lucky...
  19. IAmVianca

    Script Call For Changing Encounter Rate?

    Thank you. I'll give this a try. Yeah, I wanted to make an item that increases the encounter rate up. I forgot to ask, but will I be able to manipulate this in-game by manipulating the value of the variable in-game as well?

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