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  1. BloodletterQ

    RMMZ MOG Battle HUD: Critical HP_Number change?

    The plugin in question: I am looking at the code and how some of the faces can be changed at critical health. //============================== // * Update Face Animation //==============================...
  2. BloodletterQ

    RMMZ [Visustella Core Engine] Level text and HP/MP gauge text don't match in size.

    Probably just a minor thing, but it's kind of distracting. Methinks it's part of the Core Engine? I've change the font size and it doesn't resolve the issue either.
  3. BloodletterQ

    [Suggestion] Search function while editing.

    IE some functions of the Visustella plugins let you apply some JS knowledge. For those of us that only need some functions like removing the dark rectangles for instance, it’s a shame we can’t just use a search function for them.
  4. BloodletterQ

    Making "magic" like abilities without necessarily being magic?

    So in my head, I picture the healer as a minstrel whose songs encourage allies more. He'd probably get abilities more on the lines of Regen or Auto-Life. Maybe if he did actually heal, he'd probably in a way encourage them to fight on or something? Probably a bit of a stretch. I actually...
  5. BloodletterQ

    VE Battle Status Window: Cannot read property "item" of null

    Regardless of whether I isolate the plugin or not, this weird error comes up. Is it simply not compatible with 1.6.1? Last tried it with a multi target skill. Got it to work with a separate plugin, but now setting the target to user is causing this error. It's a mistake in the plugin itself...
  6. BloodletterQ

    YEP_TurnOrderGauge & YEP_StandardTurnBattle: Disappearing Icon

    So I've had these two plugins together and if I'm holding down the confirm key, the icon for the last enemy target disappears as if it was defeated but is still there. This will happen if an actor (in this case brunette girl whose icon is at the very left) acted last but if it was one of the...
  7. BloodletterQ

    AIVA AI Music Composer

    Probably might be of benefit to some of you. But if you're in a hurry or want to use these tracks for commercial products, it's probably going to be expensive for you.
  8. BloodletterQ

    A use for Strength beyond physical attack power.

    It seems like the typical stats could have a use or two. Even defense could be a natural protection against ailments. As simple as the strength attribute may sound, all it can really do in the end is provide for physical damage. I wonder what other ways it can be used.
  9. BloodletterQ

    SRD Battle End Event: Move event to after processing victory motion.

    So I was able to event a Final Fantasy II-style stat gain system, and I am quiet curious to know how I can move the event processed by SRD's Battle End Event to before the experience gain and drops are displayed BUT after the victory pose.
  10. BloodletterQ

    Player character automatically moves until reaching certain tiles.

    Planning on a board game type of movement. Player will stop walking upon reaching a certain tile (this will be defined via a region.) I have movement set up as such: Set Movement Route: Player (Repeat, Skip, Wait) 1 Step Forward; Should this movement not be region based? I have the...
  11. BloodletterQ

    An RPG without proper maps: thoughts?

    Curious if you think that it’s laziness or can be done right. Thinking of having towns progress like visual novels and dungeons become a board game of sorts. Opinions?
  12. BloodletterQ

    Some YEP_AbsorptionBarrier concerns.

    1: How can I make it so that the barrier cannot be restored above maximum MP? 2: Using SRD's Battle Popup Customizer, how do I get a popup to display the barrier damage separate from HP damage. Likewise, how can I get a popup to show restored barrier points?
  13. BloodletterQ

    SRD Gold Window Customizer: Can’t display map name.

    Getting this error.
  14. BloodletterQ

    RPG Maker MV Editor is too small on HD computer screen.

    IE trying to edit but everything is just way too tiny while using the software.
  15. BloodletterQ

    Olivia Weapon Swap: Hide Unequippable Weapon Types

    So to cut down on window size where there’s only 2 out of 5 weapon types available per character, I wonder if there’s supposed to be a line of code that skips the unavailable weapon types.
  16. BloodletterQ

    Weird Text Glitch

    I've had it happen for a while and I've generally been able to head into the Options menu to amend this issue, but I'm forced to have the title drawn. I've modified the code so that when I change to a non-RTP title, I can include the logo. For now, I'm accommodating the title to be as small as...
  17. BloodletterQ

    Olivia Weapon Swap: Only Show Equippable Weapon Types in Equip Menu

    To remove clutter from the menu. Basically it would show all weapon types (her sample project has six) while I generally have my characters wielding two. How can I modify the code to show only the equippable weapon types?
  18. BloodletterQ

    YEP Options Core: Skip Categories

    Trying to configure the code to skip straight to the actual options rather than having to choose a category and on cancellation should it should take you back to the previous scene. Should be connected to Scene_Window.
  19. BloodletterQ

    Favorite Roster Size

    Feeling inspired by games with large roster sizes despite how unbalanced they can be, I just thought about the ideal amount of characters you can use in a party and I'm quite curious what your thoughts are. Been thinking of 18-24 characters myself even though I feel that they tend to just be...
  20. BloodletterQ

    Skipping Parameters in the Array

    I already know that Will draw the parameters but what if I want to skip one like MMP? I think it's something like: I tried the above code but it crashes my test play.

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