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  1. Farr

    Modern Algebra - Enemy Stat Variance

    I need a conversion of the following script from VXA to MV. The script was made by Modern Algebra a long time ago to VXA and it was great to use same enemies but with a slight different stats, making battles a little more dynamic. It doesn`t seem to be a huge and long time taking conversion...
  2. Farr

    MV Running at 144 fps.

    So my computer basically runs everything (or most programs) at 144hz, I have a 144hz screen monitor and stuff. My point is, with MV running at 144 fps the game runs too fast. The time, animations, everything is at least 2.4x faster. Is there any work around to this?
  3. Farr

    Multiple Weapon Masteries (Yanfly Code)

    Yanfly released some time ago a small code for weapon masteries and it goes like this; <Custom Passive Condition> var weapons = user.weapons(); var dagger = 1; condition = false; for (var i = 0; i < weapons.length; ++i) { var weapon = weapons; if (weapon && weapon.wtypeId === dagger) {...
  4. Farr

    Can`t equip two of the same;

    Is it possible to have two accessories but never equip two of the same accessories? I know I could simply create two different armor types and give the accessories different ID Armor types. But my idea is something like; You can`t equip 2x rings, it has to be 1x ring and 1y ring (different...
  5. Farr

    Skill Learned; Variable Modified [SOLVED]

    Is it possible to modify a variable when Skill X is learned? Solved; var vally = $gameVariables.value(x) + y; $gameVariables.setValue(x, vally); x = variable y = number
  6. Farr

    Getting battlers attack speed.

    I want to know how can I put in a formula the battlers attack speed. (Like in agility we use a.agi, defense a.def, etc...)
  7. Farr

    Script call for event priority?

    Is there a script call to change event priority?
  8. Farr

    Add State if item is used in Battle

    Im trying to create an item that heals for X value,  but if it is used during a battle, on top of the healing it also adds Y state (or more states).  I had this done in Ace and I`m trying to create this effect on MV but I cant seem to make it work, can anyone help with the formula? Thanks.  
  9. Farr

    Adding flat stat bonuses instead of %

    Is there a way to add +flat parameters bonus on states instead of % based?
  10. Farr

    Enemy Stat Variance script conversion

    I need a small conversion of a script done for Ace by Modern Algebra. It`s less than 40 lines of coding, I don`t know if that`s a lot or not but it`s very important to me and I didnt see anything like that for MV so far. (Well, there`s Enemy Levels Plugins...) Can any kind soul help me out?
  11. Farr

    VX Battlebacks in MV help.

    Is there any way to replicate the VX battlebacks weird effects in MV?   VX Battleback
  12. Farr


  13. Farr

    Non steam version

    So I pre-ordered MV a long time ago. (Where we would get the steam and no-steam version) Initially I planned on using just the steam version of it but after I while I realized that logging into steam every time I want to use MV gets boring. Where can I download the non steam version?
  14. Farr

    Weapon Formula for MV

    • KreadEX made a awesome weapon formula script for ACE where you can edit any formula in a weapon notebox. I tried using Weapon Skill Replace Plugin that came with the pre-order but it somehow doesnt work with Yanfly Plugins. Any conversion/creation of this not big script would be really cool...
  15. Farr

    Project Size

    So I decided to upload my MV project and realized its size its around 900mb! Is this size correct? (I have no custom stuff, except all DLC) or am I making something wrong?
  16. Farr

    Heal HP/MP every X step.

    Ok so title says all. I`ve been crackin my head trying to make this by events by touching variables and conditions. Im pretty sure it can be done via events but I cant seem to find a way. What I`m looking for is to make characters heal fixed x ammount by every y steps. (Not %) Any help for...
  17. Farr

    Yanfly - Ace battle Engine Bug

    So i`ve been using Yanfly - Ace Battle Engine 1.22 and I found a weird bug. Whenever an enemy is killed by a slip damage (Poison, etc..) it`s sprite doesnt get disposed, it remains on the screen even when it`s dead. I had a bunch of scripts and thought it could be some incombatibility, so I...
  18. Farr

    Battle Symphony + Battleback Help

    Im having a weird problem with Battle Symphony and CP`s Old VX Battleback. • Symphony: - Visual Effect Add-on...
  19. Farr

    Spider Stuff

    I'm looking for big spider webs, maybe some cracked spider eggs, all that stuff. Does someone know where can I find them?
  20. Farr

    VE - Custom Hit Formula simple help

    Hi all, Im using VE - Custom Hit Formula and on line 107, I can set up a custom formula for all my actions, but it needs a valid ruby code. A rock can probably script better than me, so I need help to set up a simple hit - eva formula. Can anyone help? VE - Custom Hit Formula

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