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  1. marocube

    Simple actor select when using item

    @Solar_Flare It works! Thank you so much!
  2. marocube

    Simple actor select when using item

    @Shaz I would like a new plugin, just for the purpose of changing the actor select menu. I've already resized all the menu windows to my liking with SRD's plugin, I just want to change the actor select to show the face/name/class only. I won't have any battles, so main menu only! Sorry if that...
  3. marocube

    Simple actor select when using item

    Another plugin request, hopefully this one isn't too difficult... I don't plan to have many actors in the party at one time (or at all, most of the time it will be one actor only), so I'd like a plugin that allows, when an item is selected, that the actor select screen shows the name & class...
  4. marocube

    Jumping onto objects

    @ShadowDragon Hmm that seems like a lot of events.. But anyway, thank you.
  5. marocube

    Jumping onto objects

    Might just scrap the idea if it's unachievable, but bumping again in case.
  6. marocube

    Jumping onto objects

    @Hyouryuu-Na I've seen this plugin before and don't really want to use it, since it messes up some stuff + adds unnecessary things that I don't know how to change or disable :[ I've tried working with an open source project using this plugin but I couldn't quite get it to work... and I'm not...
  7. marocube

    Jumping onto objects

    @Solar_Flare Right now the boxes aren't the problem, they're just a placeholder since I have custom tiles, but the idea is the same. I would like the boxes to be jumped on from the front as well... Or maybe only from the front instead of the sides, if that's possible. (But not the back since...
  8. marocube

    RMMV Dynamic Entries

    Encounters every 30-60 seconds seems a bit much imo, but I guess doable. If that's the case I'd prefer no cutscenes at all - if it's something like a minor animation in the battle scene itself, I could live with it. 10 seconds is......also pretty long, tbh. Although that depends on the fight...
  9. marocube

    Jumping onto objects

  10. marocube

    Schoolgirl Outfit Face generator part for MV

    Hm, isn't there already a seifuku part in the default generator though? The only problem being the palette can't make it totally white. The Heroine Character Generator pack has also has one I think, though not free --
  11. marocube

    Adding a Movie/opening scene before the title screen?

    There is a skip video plugin if it's ever needed -- though it's not free, might be pointless if you only ever plan to use it once.
  12. marocube

    Jumping onto objects

    I'm not so familiar with forums, but I wasn't sure if this was already achievable with the plugins I've been using, hence new request. Galv's jump plugin: Yanfly's smart jump plugin...

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