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  1. MonsieurClayton

    [SOLVED]Multiple conditions Damage Formula, and dual effect in Formula (Damage + add state)

    Hello :) First of all, sorry for broken english, I'll try to make as less gramatical errors as possible. I'm working on a skill, but I'm not even sure I can manage to do it with skill formulas. This spell, let's call it "Arcane Shock", deals damage depending on specific states ("Arcane Stain")...
  2. MonsieurClayton

    Toggle damage prediction in a skill tooltip

    Hello ! I'd like my skill to display the average damage of it's formula in it's description window. For exemple if my skill formula is : ( a.atk * 2 - b.def ) + 2 and my actor's atk is 10, I'd like the description window to say that it'd deal 21 damage average (based on an enemy with 1 def)...

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