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  1. DShroom

    DShroom's Characters & Sprites

    Hello All!   This thread is to provide character busts, portraits and sprites to use in your game.   If allowed I'd like to update this top thread with a full list of resources I provide.   (A note: I need a little help with the forum codes :S, how do I make a spoiler/read more thing?)   WHO TO...
  2. DShroom

    What do you look for in character portraits?

    Hello all. I hope this is the right section for this (I also hope the poll works HA). I'm looking to create a range of character portraits (headshots and busts, maybe even some full body images) and perhaps some sprites that will be free to use in RPGmaker projects. My question is, what do...
  3. DShroom

    Trouble with Galv's Character and Region Effects

    Hi all I'm trying to use Galv's awesome looking scripts for Character and Region effects (found here - http://galvs-scripts...isual-effects/) Downside is I'm new with scripts and can't quite get either to work. The character effects, for the moment I am just trying to get a simple shadow, just...
  4. DShroom

    Get map HUD to always show over overlay (Parallax) [ACE]

    Hi all I am using the Xail System Map HUD script on a current project - It works great and looks really good, only downside is it appears under my overlay layer for Parallax mapping (for which I am using Yami's Overlay script), so in a forest...
  5. DShroom

    Can't get face to bust scripts to work

    Hi all I'm wanting that classic look of a bust then script, like the image below - I've tried both Fomar ( and Galv's ( scripts but I can not seem to get either...
  6. DShroom

    Moving Pictures and How many colours is too many?

    Hi everyone. I'm about to have a crack at Parallax mapping for the first time, kind of struggling to find a nice rounded tutorial from start to image, that isn't just visuals to music, and doesn't use outdated script, but found a few so hopefully should be able to make it through. EDIT: Ok a...
  7. DShroom

    Stalker/Weeping Angel NPC move route

    Hello everyone Got myself into a bit of a pickle I suppose. I'm wanting to make an NPC in the game I'm building follow the player BUT only when the player is facing and moving to the left (and is in front/positioned further left than the NPC). When the player faces/moves right, up or down the...
  8. DShroom

    Event Move Routes over other Event Tiles

    Hello everyone. I'm having a little problem with a project. Basically I have a little girl character who for a short while will follow the player through a forest. She's set to be a bit slower, is not part of the party and I've just made her an event with Parallel Process and the move route...

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