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  1. meribiaa

    omg yes!! The Lunar series is my all time favourite. I noticed we have a lot of game preferences...

    omg yes!! The Lunar series is my all time favourite. I noticed we have a lot of game preferences alike, @dreamfall887, like the Tales games, Dark Cloud (though I only played Dark Cloud 2), Mario RPG, the Atelier series, etc., so I think Lunar would suit your tastes quite nicely. :kaojoy: aaah...
  2. meribiaa

    Best Way for Organizing Writing?

    Ohh thank you, everyone! This was really interesting to read. :kaojoy: I'm used to novel writing, so the fact that the content of the game was going to be scattered around kind of threw a wrench into my usual style of working. Thanks for the program breakdown! @slimmmeiske2 mentioning Celtx...
  3. meribiaa

    Best Way for Organizing Writing?

    Writing out events and flavour text is definitely my favourite part, but so far I've mostly been just copy pasting from Word or just writing it straight into RM and this doesn't really let me work ahead very much. How do you organize your writing? Excel? Programs like ChatMapper?
  4. meribiaa

    whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    These are awesome!! The branches are exactly what I need for my current project. Thank you!! :kaojoy:
  5. meribiaa

    Dwys' MV bin (tiles/sprites/icons/generator) [New:Guild Reception booths]

    I love your icon set!! Has there been any updates to it lately? And the target is going to be super useful for my game. Thank you!! ^o^
  6. meribiaa

    MV Demo Resources

    I should be excited, but I just feel tired lol Already so many downloads and fiddling with folders! I'll take a look into it tomorrow. Thanks for your replies!
  7. meribiaa

    MV Demo Resources

    I originally downloaded the MV demo a couple days ago, but since it's gone on sale (yay!) I swooped in and purchased it. I've been reading some threads that mention extra resources... Did the demo come with everything, or do I need to download and sort out extra packs? I purchased Ace at the...
  8. meribiaa

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Edit: So I slept on it, did some searching, and switched over to DrDhoom's Parallax Utils and it's up and working. :kaopride: So I dove deep into RPG Maker MV the past couple days and have been reading a lot of threads here, watching tutorials, etc., but my brain is fried and I need help with a...
  9. meribiaa

    SERVICE Any one need DIFFERENT type Music for any of there Projects???

    Wow! I really like your music. "Your Smile" is a great jam.

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