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  1. Galv

    RMMV Galv's Layer Graphics Help

    The plugin call I refer to is to use the 'Plugin Command' event command (on the third tab of the event commands on the bottom right).
  2. Galv

    [SOLVED]Common events create conflict when called from an item?

    If you call a single common event from the item - then you can call multiple common events from that common event.
  3. Galv

    RMMZ Cannot get my Window_Selectable to work

    Scene_CustomMenu.prototype.update = function() { if(Input.isTriggered("cancel")) SceneManager.pop(); } This is overwriting the Scene_MenuBase.prototype.update function, which controls the functionality you are missing. You could add that in like: Scene_CustomMenu.prototype.update =...
  4. Galv

    All of my image links have stopped working

    @Shaz I cannot see your signature images either - in Chrome, Firefox or Edge. I am wondering if the place you are hosting your images is trying to stop hot-linking images.
  5. Galv

    Galv's Message Busts MZ

    Correct, yes - this plugin works by replacing the face graphic with a bust and you can only put in one face graphic into a Show Message box.
  6. Galv

    Galv's Message Busts MZ

    Sorry, I won't be implementing any blinking/talking animations to the busts in this plugin (anytime soon at least).
  7. Galv

    Galv's Message Busts MZ

    I hadn't touched the namebox. I will look into that. That's a good idea, I will put that on my wishlist as well. It was an unfortunately consequence of porting my MV version to MZ, as it MZ appears to have that gap around the message. I will put that on my list to solve as well.
  8. Galv

    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    If you are using the plugin command, the 'Pop Window Style' has settings to change both the windowskin and the window arrow. If you're doing it within a message, you can use: \pop[targetid,yoffset,windowskinfile,windowarrowfile]
  9. Galv

    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    Updated to version 1.4 for compatibility with my now ported Message Busts plugin.
  10. Galv

    Galv's Message Busts MZ

    Message Busts RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Bust images over message boxes. Features This plugin can show a bust image based on the face image that was chosen in a ‘Show Text’ event command. Settings are included to choose where busts will display (busts can be set to show over...
  11. Galv

    Galv's Quest Log

    Download the demo for examples on how it can be used.
  12. Galv

    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    I've re-written a bunch of the code and also added: - plugin calls that can change pop message and normal message windowskin and arrow graphics separately during the game. - added ability to add within the \pop tag: a y offset value, windowskin and window arrow graphics. These are used to change...
  13. Galv

    Battle background question

    My Layer Graphics plugin works in battles, too. Might be of interest to you:
  14. Galv

    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    I haven't ported my MessageBackground plugin yet, but an MZ version likely won't work with this as it uses dynamic width/height windows and that plugin just showed a static sized graphic. I'll make different ways to change the popup message box visuals. My MV equivalent should have kept...
  15. Galv

    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    Message Styles RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Speech bubble message boxes. Features This plugin allows you to display messages above characters on the map like ‘speech bubbles’ to show which character is talking. These message pop-up windows will shift around to try and try to stay...
  16. Galv

    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    You set a location to have a map id, x and y coordinates. These are stored into the 3 variables you specified in the plugin settings. You can use those to check that the player selected each location.
  17. Galv

    Galv's Cam Control MZ

    Thanks! But not so nice work is there was a bug that caused map to not load when loading game haha. I've updated it now to v.1.4 which fixes that bug.
  18. Galv

    Galv's Character Shadows MZ

    Jumping, yes. There's no flying for normal characters by default - and the airship already has the same shadow for it's flying.
  19. Galv

    Galv's Character Shadows MZ

    Character Shadows RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Shadows under characters on the map. Features This plugin allows you to add a simple shadow to events and player/follower characters on the map. Shadows can be specified via notetag in an event, or a comment on an event page if you...
  20. Galv

    Galv's Fishing Mini Game

    Sorry, I don't have any experience with mobile terminal use and cannot help with getting it to work with that.

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