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  1. MBS - Map Zoom and Galv - MV Timed Message Popups

    Hey, I'm having essentially the same issue with this. I'm using GALV's Message Styles for popup text and a permanent zoom plugin to basically force a lower resolution on the map while maintaining higher resolution menus. I have the same problem with popups not anchoring to events. Did you...
  2. Assigning variable to actor ID during battle.

    Thanks for the help! I had tried this before: but I had no luck, which I guess is because I was missing the 0 value at the end. In the end I went with: I then made a few changes to the common event to incorporate luck attributes and so on, and shuffle some things around. And I actually...
  3. Assigning variable to actor ID during battle.

    I'm having trouble with assigning variables to an actor's ID during battles. At the moment, I have an item that, when used, sets a variable (35) to the ID of the actor using it, and then calls a common event that does conditional processing. It works great outside of battles, but does not...
  4. OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    I've just been giving this plugin a go as I try to get my game prepped on Steam, and I've finally got it working a treat! I only have one significant issue at the moment: I get this popup every time the game runs (through steam or by running nw.exe). It's just a mild inconvenience, and...
  5. RPG Maker MV 1.6.0 and GENE!

    Yeah, I spent all day yesterday trying to fix everything that broke after the 1.6 update, but this event tileset crashing bug is a bridge too far for me. Reverting back to 1.5 now. This update is totally broken.
  6. RMMV: 1.6.0 update - Event Images Cannot be Changed to Tileset Images

    Yep, having this exact problem too. Devs need to fix this asap pleaassseee. So annoying when an update creates bugs that stall all progress,
  7. Enemy animations in front-view battles (MV)

    I'm hoping someone has some advice on how to get animations to trigger from enemies using skills in front-view battles. The only way I've got this to work so far is through using common events, but the timing isn't great, just due to how the sequences are handled. Ideally, I'd love...

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