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  1. Razelle

    [STEAM] KGC Bitmap Extension causing any game I put the script into to immediately shut down.

    Exactly as the title says; it took me a while but I was finally able to pinpoint it to this script, because there would be no script errors, the game would just close as soon as it loads. It doesn't get past the black screen before the title screen appears. This happens both when I test play...
  2. Razelle

    What to do with gold when there's little to no shops.

    I'd like to ask the community about unique ideas they've done with their in-game money not tied to spending them in a game's various shops. In my own game, there won't be any consumables, and the shop's only purpose is to buy/sell new accessories. Weapons/Armor are found in chests, or on rare...
  3. Razelle

    Hoping to join a fun community to match the fun program.

    Hello there lads and ladies of RPGLand. As many others before me, I too love the new worlds and interesting small or grand stories of this preferred genre. I'm hoping to create my own in the near future since purchasing the Ace program, so I figured I'd get the introductions out of the way...

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