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  1. Ellie Jane

    RMMV Access an event's Sprite object

    Morning guys, So I have created a function in the Sprite class. Just imagine it's something like this: Sprite.prototype.helloWorld = function(msg) { console.log(msg); }; I need to call this function for the Sprite that draws a particular event, let's say event 214 on the map. I thought it...
  2. Ellie Jane

    No Levels / Power Progression

    My game is entirely based around gathering abilities and choosing which ones to take into battle with you. There are only three equipment slots, so as to make all focus be on abilities. Equip slot 1 is your main hand, so your weapon, and all this does is chooses what ability #1 will be - so a...
  3. Ellie Jane

    Can I edit the "translation" to change labels in the database?

    I am repurposing some things in the Database to use them for other things. As an example, because I use an ABS, things that apply to the battle scene don't mean anything, so in the "states" box I use: Now that is fine, as long as I can remember what each box means. Much cleaner than using...
  4. Ellie Jane

    Access Switch Names [resolved]

    Hi guys, Is it possible to access the name of switches in a plugin? Resolved. $dataSystem.switches[1] returns the name of that switch.
  5. Ellie Jane

    Dynamic Music

    Note: while I know how to implement all of this, I don't actually know what it is that I want to implement, hence I've put this in Game Mechanics Design. My game uses an ABS battle system, and there's likely to be a lot going on in each map. Interiors are on the map, with the buildings cutting...
  6. Ellie Jane

    Resource Gathering

    How have you dealt with resource gathering in your games? I never got into crafting in Guild Wars 2 because resource gathering was so dull. Find a node, click the node, get an item, that's all there is to it. That's pretty much like oldschool RuneScape - click a node, wait a few seconds, get...
  7. Ellie Jane

    RMMV [MMO] Wytches and Wyverns

    The RPG Maker MV MMORPG @ What is Witches & Wyverns? W&W is an MMORPG created in RPG Maker MV. It is a box-breaking project, with many features unique to this project that have never been attempted elsewhere. Set in the world of Afar, a world which I have built up over 16 years of...
  8. Ellie Jane

    Handling deep water

    I want to let the player explore my world, which involves finding new routes to places, hidden dungeons, etc. One of the means of doing this will be to let them explore water. Shallow water is easy to resolve. Footstep sounds with splashing, some animation to show them sloshing about. Bit...
  9. Ellie Jane

    Ready made characters, or player created?

    Which do you prefer for your game characters? I suppose it's the main distinction between a jRPG and wRPG. Do you like to play a character or characters that are already made and have their own story for you to uncover, as in games such as Final Fantasy? You play as a character in the story...
  10. Ellie Jane

    RMMV Open-World RPG

    I am trying to flesh out a new project. My previous games have all been MMORPGs - in fact, the one I am working on was meant to be an MMORPG. Having set up the system and got it working, I realise that all this time I've never actually been making a game, I've just been faffing around with...
  11. Ellie Jane

    Layering images together in one bitmap

    Hi, I am trying to use Bitmap blt to layer some images together. Specifically I'm doing this in Sprite_Character.setCharacterBitmap so that I can create some layered character graphics. It's not working however; the bitmap loads the skin image successfully, but doesn't get any further than...
  12. Ellie Jane

    Graphical Skill Icons

    Credit: Kadokawa; me optional Commercial: Free Non-Commercial: Free Repost: No Edits: Allowed, but please link back to this topic Maker Required: MV, VX Ace and VX. Please see below for more information. These are a really simple resource but can add a lot to the scene I think. These are a set...
  13. Ellie Jane

    Zoom Tools

    I am attempting to create a powerful system for the client to control the zoom level of their game when played in a browser. This includes the game client resizing to the size of the browser, amongst other things. Scale Map to Game Size This is a plugin in development, while I work out if this...
  14. Ellie Jane

    Fit to Browser Window

    Fit to Browser Window v1.00 Description Designed for browser deployed games, this automatically fits the game screen to the width and height of the client's browser window. Instructions Plug and play, though it is up to you to create appropriately sized maps and graphics, and to understand...
  15. Ellie Jane

    "RPG Maker Go" to replace ordinary resource grind

    It is remarkably easy to apply the concepts of Pokemon Go to an RPG Maker MV game. GPS location, phone direction, even making the phone vibrate. What I am considering is essentially "RuneScape meets Pokemon Go". As an alternative way of resource gathering, because grinding is boring, what if...
  16. Ellie Jane

    Protect your Folders with an Index

    By default when you launch your game in a web browser, your game is very hackable just by manipulating the url. Take this (live) example: This is a standard feature of a lot of web servers. Basically as the folder has no index file, this page serves as a...
  17. Ellie Jane

    Animation above Picture

    Hi, I am trying to edit the default scripts to make battle animations on map "always on top". I tried editing the z value from 8 to 999 - this hasn't worked. Other than that I'm not sure how to control them. Is there any way to make battle animations appear above pictures? (Ideally, I...
  18. Ellie Jane

    Amy's Battlers (30)

    I wanted a male version of the Succubus, so I have frankensprited one from bits of other battlers (from MV's base resources). Free for use in commercial or free games, no credit required from me. RPG Maker MV required as this is a composition. I have also recoloured the...
  19. Ellie Jane

    How to proceed with turn after a forced action

    I am using this script to force an action in battle: $gameParty.members()[0].forceAction(1,1); BattleManager.forceAction($gameParty.members()[0]); After forcing the action, how do I then end the turn and go to the enemy's turn? I want to run this action instead of the player's...
  20. Ellie Jane

    License clarification

    A resource is given under Creative Commons ShareAlike. The license is summarised as: Under the following terms: It is the ShareAlike part that has me confused. The first quote suggests I can use the material however I like, including in my case in a commercial video game. It...

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