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    RMMV Custom React Effect: in which order?

    Hello, my name is CHKNRAVE, and I'm obsessed with the Buffs and States Core. It really opens up what you can do with skills. I'm using custom effects in most of my states, and I've been wondering something about the React effect. It's a part that's really useful to change incoming damage, but...

    RMMV Queuing skills with a battle menu that doesn't disappear

    Hello, everybody. I'm working on my game's battle flow right now, and I use a ton of Instant Cast in it. A downside of having everybody do multiple actions every turn is that the player has to wait for the animations to be over for the menu to come back. Even for short animations, it can really...

    RMMV Creating a "Play after..." skill on an STB battle system

    Hello! I'm working on expanding the strategic options in my game's combat, and it's crazy how helpful the Buffs and States Core is when it comes to creating complex effects. I can basically do battle eventing wherever I want, which is perfect for my new idea. The idea is that sometimes it'd be...

    Making my own character parts - masks

    Hello, by brain is currently emitting smoke over custom character parts. The art style I'm making my game have involves different bodies than those provided, and it should be easy for me to implement that using the Extended Generator. But the issue is that I have no clue how to set up the masks...

    Script call when equipping / unequipping specific armors

    Hello, I've been searching the world wide web for a plugin I'll need to get a new mechanic into my game, but I haven't found anything. What I'm looking for is a plugin thanks to which you can specify that adding or removing certain pieces of equipment immediately calls a script specified in the...

    SOLVED - YEP Equip Core - change stats based on state

    Hello, I'm trying to set up the stats of a piece of armor, so that its effects are lost if the wearer doesn't have a state that can be lost in combat. I thought I had the custom stats right, but in battle test the max HP boost I added just to check if everything worked never shows up when the...

    Apply state until the next turn of the actor who applies it

    Hello, I'm trying to get Yanfly's Buffs & States Core to apply a state under special conditions, but I'm really struggling so I could use some help. What I'm trying to have is an Airborne state that's applied for a full turn, but by a full turn I mean ending on the next turn of the actor /...

    SOLVED - Row Formation: fixed X position for actor rows

    Hello, I'm looking for formulas to put in the parameters, for the X positions of rows. In my project I've got 3 rows, and commands to move forward or move back one row every time they're used. The issue I'm having is that is all my actors are starting off at the same row, and making one move...

    RMMV Turn-based 2.0 - of turns and Action Points

    Hello RTP apologists and people who clicked this thread by accident. As suggested by @Wavelength, I'm here to demonstrate an event-powered battle system I made for my game. Coming someday. The outline of it is that I'm reworking the default turn-based battle system, into one where spamming...

    Battle AI Core: priority issues

    Hello, I'm having an issue with Battle AI Core not doing what I need it to do. The default AI level is at its maximum, so they have to be following it strictly. In one of the enemies' notes, I wrote this: <AI Priority> User MP param = 0: Skill 2, User State === State 16: Skill 129...

    [SOLVED] YEP Item Synthesis - only display weapons / armor / items

    Hello everybody, I'm using Yanfly's Item Synthesis plugin for my game, and so far it's doing exactly what I need. However, I've come across something it may or may not be able to do. In my game, each wand (weapon) can be turned into a scroll (item) containing its spell. In order to prevent the...

    HP and MP info on enemies

    Hello! I'm making a game with a battle system that relies heavily on what I made the MP become, and knowing the enemy's HP would also help a lot for certain skills I made. So what would really be useful for the player would be a way to know how each enemy's HP and MP in battle. Unfortunately...

    Raving about myself

    Hi everybody! I'm CHKNRAVE (pronounced Chicken Rave) and I'm a maker who's coming back to the RPG Maker game after many years. I learned about RPG Maker from a middle school friend, so I joined a French community called Oniromancie under a different username and got into making games. Back...

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