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  1. overlordmikey

    Removing Faces from the Menu.

    Hey how can I remove the faces from my menu without leaving huge gaps in? Anybody know? Edit: Since I am using yanfly scripts I tried turning the height and width to 0 and everything got squished up so that didn't work. -_-'
  2. overlordmikey

    Assistance with a Yanfly Tip&Trick

    (I couldn't figure out exactly where to put this - but this seemed the best area, please put it in the proper place if I am mistaken) I managed to do this in the past, but after a long hiatus due to illness I can't remember how I did these two things: Yanfly has a variety of tips and tricks on...
  3. overlordmikey

    RPG Maker MV suddenly crashes a Splash Screen [windows 10]

    BroCoG. has run into a snag - my brother and I work together to make games, but suddenly his version of RPG Maker MV just isn't working - it crashes at the splash screen - I have heard this used to happen, but all the posts I saw were from 2015 AND he never had this problem before.
  4. overlordmikey

    Changing the way hitrate & evade work together

    So I was reading this thread and I was trying to figure out HOW I change how hit rates and evasion work. I want hit-eva and not the default way it's handled.
  5. overlordmikey

    RPGMaker MV Character/Battler Edit Request

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: MV Art Style: Default RTP Description: This character (her names Jessie) is supposed to be chubby but due to an unsteady hand I can't edit her sprite very well. I was original also in need of her battler, but I decided to go with the traditional front...
  6. overlordmikey

    Yanfly Skill Learn

    Welp here I am finally directly asking for help on that who using variable points to buy stats and skill increases using Yanfly's Skill Learn System. ( In my quest to try to remember how I'd done it before I tried three codes. Only leads...
  7. overlordmikey

    Yanfly's Class Base Parameters Random Stats Gains?

    Anyone know if I can use Yanfly's Class Base Parameters to set it up so that stats go up semi-randomly. I'm not that great at writing mathematical formula (usually my brother and the other member of our team does math), but it seems that there should logically be a mathematical formula to do...
  8. overlordmikey

    How do I save the X & Y postions?

    So RPG Maker MV allows one to save the MapID into a variable, but doesn't seem to allow one to save the X and Y positions as variables as well. This creates a problem as I require this for a specific thing in the game we're working on. Am I overlooking something? Is there a script I can use...
  9. overlordmikey

    "Slime" Monster Face Sets Request

    Quite simply put I need face sets for the monsters attached to this post for a non-commercial game (made in RPG Maker VX Ace). Has anyone already made them or willing to make them.
  10. overlordmikey

    Is it alright for me to use DLC that...

    My brother bought - he bought it for our small company's use, but technically he's the one who bought it and it's under his account and name. So I was thinking - is it really okay for me to use this? I personally think it would be fine, but I thought I'd garner the opinions of others beside...
  11. overlordmikey

    Racial Diverse Character Faces

    The pre-existing face sets are all pretty much white people and I was hoping to feature a bit more racial diversity in the cast. I tried doing a few edits myself, but my skills were really rusty so I figured I’d give this a whirl and see if I can find someone whose good at editing face sheets to...
  12. overlordmikey

    Removing MP/TP From Certain Characters (Yanfly)

    So I'm working on a game and using Yanfly Scripts where I intend for all spells to have limits on how many times you can use them in battle except in the case of one character. IS there a way in which I can remove MP from all but that character in both battle and on the menu? Thank you all in...

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