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  1. freshflyfella

    Help me with a multi-loot drop script or something!!

    Can anyone tell me step-by-step how to make or edit a script that will allow enemies to drop more than one loot?
  2. freshflyfella

    Hello Everybody!

    I am new to most of what RPG Maker has to offer. I had the origional for PS1 back in the 90's and I made a game than. I chose to get RPG Maker XP because it resembles it more than the newer ones. I am almost relearning everything from scratch. I hope to finish one of the projects I've started...
  3. freshflyfella

    Making multi-loot from single enemy without events.

    I tried copy and pasting a script (first time ever) . So not only am I not sure which section to paste the script in(assuming "Main"), but I have no idea which lines to edit or what to do on those lines.. I did Q-Basic like 15 years ago, but thats the closest thing to this kinda thing and i...

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