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  1. Azar

    Game_Stailer94s Quest System not appearing in game menu

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is just a compatibility issue with the new versions of RMMV, and that the plugins are no longer supported anymore. But for some reason even though the plugin is installed it's not appearing within the game itself. I can't find the original Gameus files due to a 404 site...
  2. Azar

    What plugins do you use for parallaxes?

    Recently just go back into RPG Maker MV after a 6-month hiatus and I'm finding that all the old plugins I used for Parallaxes are no longer working for me (BindPicturesToMap, OrangeOverlay). I was wondering what is the best way to add parallax overlays in the engine now.
  3. Azar

    Error using creating parallaxes with BindPicturesToMap plugin!

    When I try to add a parallax above the characters the engine gives me this error - These are my plugin commands in the event - I also have Yanfly's Region Restrictions installed but it still doesn't seem to work, maybe the plugin has no new updates for RPGG Maker MV's current version. And...
  4. Azar

    Yanfly Class Change core

    Hi, I was attempting to make class promotion system, using Yanfly(ClassChangeCore) - instead of changing class characters, can be promoted: Class promotions - Warrior - Berserker Knight - Swords Master Magician - Grand Magician Necromancer -...
  5. Azar

    Problem with Yanfly Animated SV Enemies

    Hi, I was having a problem with the Animated Sideview Enemies plugin. I created a Animated sideview enemy for my game and added some dialogue that pops up after 2-3 turns using the Troops Battle Event conditions tab. But for some reason all my other enemies have the same dialogue pop up after...
  6. Azar

    Yep_x_ActSeqPack Error!!

    Hi, I am using Yep_x_ActSeqPack 1, 2 and 3. When I battle test and attack no damage occurs. I follow this tutorial by Echo607; This is the code that I wrote inside the attacks skills parameter. <setup action> display action if user.attackMotion()!=='missle' camera focus: target...
  7. Azar

    How to remove unwanted <br> from objectives in Yanfly quest journal?

    I was having trouble with Yanflay's quest journal, every time I Show Quest 1 Objective 2 this strange line of text shows up. I don't know how to get rid of it, any help with this? Much appreciated. - Azar
  8. Azar


    Hi, I'm new to RPG Maker and can't wait to make some amazing games! Although I just got it recently I'm learning a lot and thanks to everyone else here it's gong so much faster. So thank you for inspiring me to start my RPG Maker journey!
  9. Azar

    How can I send my game to a friend in RMMV?

    Hi, I recently got RPG MAKER so I'm still learning a lot on how to make a game. I was wondering how can I send my game to friends, I tried going into file - deployment - and chose the windows platform. Once I found the game folder in output I compressed it and sent it through gmail to my friend...
  10. Azar

    How can I change the appearance of actors over time in RMMV

    I want my characters to change outfits and hair colors throughout my game. Is there anyway I can do this and not have to start a new game with new characters? From this - To This - somewhere in the middle of the game.

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