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  1. Warilized

    How do you approach making trial version of your game.

    I'm pretty curious how game devs, especially they that use RPG Maker, approach this. Does limiting game with switch/variable is enough? or just straight making the game into separate project, and delete everything that is paid part. Does "key" approach works with RPGMMV?
  2. Warilized

    Grouped BGM Problem. Help in developing plugin.

    Regarding this request post of mine. I actually developed my own plugin with this idea, yay~ lol. A bunch of thanks for Caethyril for helping me. It works alright :kaopride: It will play BGM of the referenced map, even if the current has no BGM. If the current map has BGM it will get played...
  3. Warilized

    Request: Plugin to play other Map's BGM

    So I wanted to make managing BGM more less of a chore for a dungeon with multiple map that has same BGM music. When changing the BGM of a dungeon, you also need to change the BGM of other map of the same dungeon. Well, you can leave them blank so that the last map's BGM played however it will...
  4. Warilized

    Scientific calculator plugin

    Hello and good day~ Is it possible to make a scientific calculator plugin in MV? Let say if i want to calculate algebra to find x, x=2y-5 it will calculate till it find x = -5. So the plugin call will be something like: calc var[n] x=2y-5 or other variation like: calc var[n] x=2y^2+3z+5 calc...
  5. Warilized

    Help in identifying problem with encounter

    So I tested my game but it has a problem when random encounter happen. I tested with different enemies I made Slime, Bat, and Wolf. But when I tested it with Bat troops, this happens. Other enemy troops doesn't return this error regardless of how many enemies in one encounter. Is it because of...
  6. Warilized

    Looking for advanced math plugin

    Hello and good day/night~ I'm looking for an "advanced math/arithmetic plugins" to calculate some math prob. (I need it for my math quiz like game). The math subject is basic linear programming if you are wondering. I'm searching for plugin with a plugin call that can save to a certain var...

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