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  1. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] Window_Message: Weird spacing between first and second line of message?

    Don't be fooled by the fancy window skin or floating position- the image above shows a standard Window_Message with the only caveat being that the Bitmap.prototype.drawText() function usually used to render the letters has been replaced by a custom Bitmap.prototype.drawBmpFontText() function...
  2. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] Window_ChoiceList Cursor

    What do I need to rewrite to change the Window_ChoiceList (Show Choices) cursor so that it uses a larger cursor image that is not part of the system/Window.png spritesheet? Thanks :) Also: Is it possible to have the Window_ChoiceList window overlap the Window_Message window without erasing the...
  3. aporokizzu

    What happens between $gameMessage.add() and Window_Base.processNormalCharacter()?

    I'm trying to better understand the process for displaying text messages- so, I'm wondering if somebody more knowledgeable would be kind enough to explain what happens from the time text gets added to the $gameMessage._text array to when it is broken down to a single letter as part of the...
  4. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] MOG_ChronoEngine / MOG_CharPoses: Manually invoke tool_pose Sprite?

    Does anybody know how to go about manually invoking a specific tool_pose (the image used by a tool event) in an event using script calls, independent of the this.act(x) command that they are associated with? I would like to be able to do it from a Game_Enemy event's Movement Route commands...
  5. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] evalDamageFormula(), Custom Parameters, and MOG_ChronoEngine.js

    I have an item that, when used, immediately kills enemies: I want the item to be ineffective against "boss" enemies. So I modified Game_Action.prototype.evalDamageFormula(): I was hoping that my edit would allow me to add a "+ boss" to my original formula, and have the item be ineffective...
  6. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] Call to close Window_Selectable

    I have the following Window_Selectable, which allows me to select items from my inventory: In the video, I am pressing the "esc" button to pull up the SubScreen, using arrows to maneuver among the items, and hitting "enter" to select the one I want, then hitting "esc" again to return to the...
  7. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] Temporarily Pause Specific Scene_Map.children?

    This might be a stupid question... I apologize in advance. This is what my Scene_Map.children (Scene_Manager._scene.children) currently looks like: My question is- is there any way to temporarily pause all event / player activity on array items Spriteset_Map, Sprite, Window_MapName...
  8. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] Game_Screen: updateShake()

    This is the function Game_Screen.prototype.updateShake (located in the rpg_objects.js file): I am interested to know / am wondering if anybody can tell me where / what is processing the $gameScreen._shake and $gameScreen._direction values that are being altered during this function? I am...
  9. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] Window_Base.contents and blt

    Sorry for being ignorant and I hope what I'm asking makes sense, but does Window_Base.contents have some kind of padding around its edges? I am trying to use blt to draw a bitmap within it, and it seems to get cut off if I set the x value flush against the parent object's boundaries. I tried...
  10. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] Moghunter Chrono Engine ABS: "Throttling" Attacks

    Fond felicitations, freaks! Is there any way to "throttle" (I hope this is the right term) player attacks in the Chrono Engine ABS to give enemies a chance to escape or dodge a pummelling? I tried to write something that keeps track if a particular enemy gets smacked continuously: But...
  11. aporokizzu

    SpokenWord: A Text-To-Speech Plugin

    SpokenWord: A Text-To-Speech Plugin v1.0 by dismal_science__ Features SpokenWord is a plugin for RPG Maker MV that allows you to easily include text-to-speech in your projects using plugin commands, script, and/or message control characters. Screenshots How To Use Once the plugin has been...
  12. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] GALV_BasicEventShadows.js: Sprite_BasicShadow

    Greetings, Boils and Ghouls! I am trying to amend the following function from the GALV_BasicEventShadows.js plugin: I created another JS file- dismal_GALV_BasicEventShadows_Extended.js- which I have placed below aforementioned plugin in the Plugin Manager window): And within it, is the...
  13. aporokizzu

    Separate, private $gameScreen._pictures array?

    From what I understand, $gameScreen._pictures is the array that holds all of the Game_Picture objects that are shown on the map, and it has a maximum size of 100 array items for this. It seems to reserve items 200 and up for battle images (?) but my project uses an ABS system so I haven't...
  14. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] AudioManager.playSe: Using base64/data URIs?

    I want to have a data URI be used as a a default sound, so that i don't need to reference a filename. Based on this StackOverflow solution, I can use a script command to play a data URI sound: var snd = new...
  15. aporokizzu

    Moving Platforms

    Greetings- I am trying to script a moving platform, that the player must try to land on. I have the following code: var Imported = Imported || {}; Imported.PE_JumpMan = true; var PE = PE || {}; PE.JumpMan = PE.JumpMan || {}; (function($){ var JumpMan_Game_CharacterBase_jump =...
  16. aporokizzu

    DK_Tools_Full_Input Plugin Questions

    Howdy, I have the following function: Input.keyMapper[74] = `J`; _alias_Scene_Map_update = Scene_Map.prototype.update; Scene_Map.prototype.update = function() {; if (Input.isTriggered(`J`)) {...
  17. aporokizzu

    A more eloquent way of detecting events around a player?

    Salutations- I have the following function: $.IsNearEnough = function(event1_id, event2_id) { let result = false; let temp = []; // get player's coordinates let px = $gamePlayer.x; let py = $gamePlayer.y; // list events within a 3-tile...

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