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  1. Val

    RPG Fighter League [Steam]

    Battle inside the Colosseum with the best team of your choices in RPG Fighter League. Assemble the best team of warriors and enter in the Fighter League to battle against the greatest monsters and fighters to become the new champion of the Coliseum! Fight and win all the Leagues to acquire...
  2. Val

    How to update a new version of Common Events List with an old save file in a project?

    Hi everyone, I want to know if there is a way to Update a new version of Common Events in a already saved files of a RPG Maker MV project? Ex: I have done my version 0.5 of my game and I added new Commun Events in the list in version 0.6, but when I try to test this with an old save file it's...
  3. Val

    Auto or custom sort items, skills, magic and weapons by the player

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone can create an Auto Sort plugin to help all the project with a lot of weapons items and others things in their inventory? Right now this just follow the number into the database of your rpg, but if the player when to sort the items or weapons the...
  4. Val

    Moving Actor and battler intro move face to face to start a battle!

    Hey eveyrone, I would like to know if someone know if an plugin already exist for making the Actor move across the screen to get to his position while the battle start? I mean, right now when you start a battle, the Actor and the enemies are already set in place, but I would like to have...
  5. Val

    Player to change the FONT of the game in the Options Menu?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone know a plugin that can give the player the option to select between different FONT for the text of his game? What I would like is to give an Option Menu with the Parameter Font and the player could scroll in this list to change the FONT of all...
  6. Val

    Extract Event and Message in text file for RPG maker MV ?

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask if there is some way to extract all the events and message from my RPG Maker MV project into a single or different text files or excel sheets?  Is there someone working on any plugins to help having a big text file software to help for mass editing? The...
  7. Val

    Performance issue WebGL over Canvas mdoe?

    Hello everyone, I want to know if there is a way to for the game to be played in Canvas mode instead of WebGL?  Because I run a lot of test and I see some frame rate really drop in battle or outside while in WebGL running the game. and when I play in Canvas Mode everything run good...
  8. Val

    RPG Fighter League - Early Access on Steam

    Hello everyone, After almost a year of work, my game RPG Fighter League is now avalaible on Steam in the Early Access for further development with the big community.  I'm very excited about reaching this milestone with my project and I hope I will get the chance to work with everyone to...
  9. Val

    How to activate a Xbox360 controller by default in MV?

    Hello In rpg maker mv 1.33 is it possible to have a Xbox 360 controller plugged in the game and have it activate by default? (without pressing any input in the controller to activate it) Right now, you need to start the game, press the "A" input into the controller to been able to move...
  10. Val

    Yanfly Engine Plugin - Is it possible to Color the Text of a Skill or Magic?

    Hello everyone, I want to know if it's possible to Color the Text of a Skill or a Magic with @Yanfly plugins engine? Do you know any idea how to do that? I know how to color text in message with \C[X] but this wont work with a skill or magic. Any idea anyone? Or maybe another plugin...
  11. Val

    Add new script command on Yanfly YEP_PartySystem

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone could modifiy the script of @Yanfly Master (YEP_PartySystem) to add some script command to "FORCE" position of Actor in a party? It would be really useful if we could make a plugin command to say : Force Position 1 Actor 4 - So even if the...
  12. Val

    Items Weapons Armor Sort Plugin Would be really useful!

    Hello everyone, I want to know if someone could work on a script to help sorting all the weapons, armor, item, key items we can have in our games? Right now the listing follow the order you have created your stuff in your game and this becoming a little a garbage over time with your project...
  13. Val

    Gain Bonus XP or Gold if you win fight Quickly! Rank Fight? Script please help ^_^

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a script that can give a Bonus XP or Gold if you finish a fight quickly. Ex: You finish the fight before a certain time and you get 2 time the gold and XP. Similar to something in FF13 that could give a Rank or something at the result screen so people...
  14. Val

    Script/Plugins to support and work for multiples Languages in a game

    Hi everyone, I want to one if someone know a plugins or script or software to be able to work on Multiple language for a RPG Maker MV project? Is someone already made one? or someone might be interested to work on one?  I dont know if it a big thing, but I'm sure a lot of people would...
  15. Val

    Looking for proofreading and testers for RPG Fighter League

    Hi everyone, I'm currently running through the Steam Greenlight process with my game RPG Figher League : ( I need your votes and support btw :) )  And one thing that have shown on comments is that my english is not perfect...
  16. Val

    Battle Background for RPG Maker MV ?

    Hi everyone, I want to know if you know an artist who work on battle background? I see a lot of cool ressources for sprite enemies and other but I havent seen cool background artist for RPG Maker MV. Maybe you know some?  thank you in advance :D  
  17. Val

    Replacing the game icon for MV

    Hi everyone, Anyone can help me with replacing the icon (small character) from the RPG Maker MV release? I have use the apps ressource hacker but I'm only able to replace one of the four icon assets. Can someone help me on this one?  thank you!
  18. Val

    Change the Effect / FX when you enter in combat ?!? Script Help?

    Hi everyone! I would like to know if someone in our great group of scripters we have an awesome person who would like to work on a script about giving control to the creator for the Effect when you enter in battle? Right now its only a simple zoom in effect with a image go to white! I...
  19. Val

    Why Magic is always the Default selection in battle even after I used a Skill?

    Hi everyone, Why Magic is always the Default selection in battle even after I used a Skill? Everything is in the title! Can someone help me? If I choose a skills, why my character havent the skills by default the next turn? Its work with guard and attack but not with skills why? à thank! 
  20. Val

    Game don't load on Web Help? Lauching game on Web

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to follow the video I saw here on youtube to put your project on the web with the help of Google Drive: In theory is quite simple, but when I upload my project and try it online here the adresse...

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