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  1. Mhin Ra

    VX Ace game crashing with null dereference exception

    I posted this in the VX Ace area, but I think that wasn't the right place. I tried moving the post, but saw no option for that. Anyway, I have a crash on reloading that is the actual underlying RPG maker dll crashing on a null dereference exception: I have a crash dump (edit: now removed...
  2. Mhin Ra

    VX Ace game crashing to desktop on load

    I am seeing an issue in my game where a player has just died and I'm reloading them back to their most recent save. During this load (or actually just after it), the entire RPG Maker engine crashes to desktop (i.e. the game window just vanishes). This seems to happen entirely outside of the...
  3. Mhin Ra

    FREE Players Wanted for Alpha! (Long Journey to Farewell)

    Hey everybody! I am looking for folks to playtest a game I’ve been working on. Demo Dropbox Link Story Pitch Watch knights, mages, orphans, warlords, princesses and fishermen struggle to stay true to their hearts. Explore a world of castles and empires, built on the ruins of a civilization...
  4. Mhin Ra

    How does VX Ace limit frame rate?

    I know there's a Graphics.frame_rate member; I'm not talking about that (at least not directly). I'm trying to figure out how VX Ace prevents itself from calling Scene_Base.update much faster than 60 fps. Looking at the code in Scene_Base.main, update is called in an unconstrained while...
  5. Mhin Ra

    What do the sprite sheets for Monster Legacy 1 actually look like?

    This page contains a few images of the battlers, but seems to imply ("956 Sprite Sheets", "3 and 8 frames of animation for sprite sheets in both 4 and 8 directions") that there are on-map sprite sheets included. As my game uses on-map...
  6. Mhin Ra

    Is there a way to attach a profiler?

    I've noticed that I see occasional minor hitches. To be specific: the framerate will sometimes drop from 60 FPS to 58 of 57 for a few frames. It's not debilitating, but it's just enough that scrolling when walking hitches slightly noticeably. It bothers me and I wanted to see if I could...
  7. Mhin Ra

    Yet another lag question

    The back story is a bit cliched: I just got RPG Maker VX Ace and have started making my first game.   I am noticing that my scenes appear to be lagging and I don't know how to fix it.   I suspect the ending will be predictable: "Er... why didn't you read thread X, because we explained how to...

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