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  1. Koru-chan

    [YEP] Status Menu Core help

    So I'm using the Status Menu Core in my game. An issue I'm having is there is only one main character in my game. The rest are used a lot, but don't have the same tracking for certain things like relationships and so forth where I'd want a...
  2. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    Used to be just an icon thread, but expanded to more resources. This thread is mostly for showing samples. There will be links to more variations of these on my rpgm blog. Farming Brush Icon [/SPOILER] Custom Frame Flat Colors One-Tone Gradient Two-Tone Gradient Metallic [/SPOILER]...
  3. Koru-chan

    YEP Skill Core + YEP Battle Status Window

    Having an issue getting the UI in battle to show up as I like with these two plugins. So basically, when you use BSW, it draws the gauges in a way where you have a 100% width HP bar and the MP and TP bar under it at 50% width each for the UI element. I'm using some classes where a few only use...
  4. Koru-chan

    Default Attack

    I'm just looking for a plugin that can let me set an alternate skill for the usual "Attack" command per class.  No bells and whistles, no extra features.  I basically have magical weapons equipped on my magic users and I'd like their Attack command to still do decent damage, so they aren't...
  5. Koru-chan

    Yanfly's Enh TP Vs SSG Item Sort

    I'm trying to use Yanfly's Enhanced TP for a project.  It runs just fine with every other plugin I'm using. Until I activate SSG Item Sort.  If I go to my TP Mode menu option, I get the error "Cannot read property "0" of undefined".  I'm not sure what it means.  Anyone know how I can fix this?
  6. Koru-chan

    Item Window/System

    So I've seen a few plugins that dance around this, but nothing that really helps me do everything I'm trying to do.  Hoping that someone can either make a script that does what I need, or that works well with another script that does part of it or whatever.  I'm only supporting my game for PC...
  7. Koru-chan

    TP as a Limit Break system

    I'm looking for a plugin that makes TP essentially into a limit break, pretty close to the style in which limit/overdrive is built up in Final Fantasy 10. Features I'm looking for: *Hide the TP amount on the bar in both battle and in the menu *Be able to use a bigger number than 100 for max...
  8. Koru-chan


    This is kind of a hybrid between a script request and RGSS3 help, but I'd say mostly script request so I put it in here. I'm looking for a nice, easy-to-use achievement/trophy script. I thought I'd seen one on the master list wiki but I tried ctrl+Fing the heck out of it and couldn't find what...
  9. Koru-chan

    Heyllo! :3

    Hey guys! Name is Koru! far as you know XP I'm mostly on the creative end of game making (though my spriting could use some work). I'm trying to learn Ruby right now, though it's going slowly. I've started to get the hang of altering scripts, though I'm still a huge noob and can't...

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