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  1. ImperiousRex

    Manipulating Menus through touch

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum. Is there any way I can create a cancel button for the menu or enable the player to click pictures while a menu window is active? I am attempting a mobile game with success thanks to yanfly's Picture Events plugin however clicking pictures does not work...
  2. ImperiousRex

    Larger collision size for larger characters

    Estriole AKA EST has an excellent plugin for increasing event collision sizes and triggers but there doesnt seem to be a similair plugin for altering a character or enemies collision size. I know there are pixel movement plugins being developed but it would be nice to simply alter a character...
  3. ImperiousRex

    RMMV Emperor Simulator

    [/url][/IMG] A sci-fi game played in the first person similar to a visual novel, with tactical combat and strategic management of the military and political aspects of a galactic empire. Game Features Screenshots Plot Universe Characters Admiral Sternmuth. Commander of the Core...
  4. ImperiousRex

    Problems restarting an event loop.

    I am having trouble with one of the event loops in my game. I'm using labels to create a loop. When a condition is true then the loop ends and the switch controlling that parallel process is turned off. It works perfectly the first time however after another event restarts the loop it will...
  5. ImperiousRex

    Increasing processing speed

    Im working on a strategy game in a similar style to crusader kings. Yes it works thanks to common events. But now whenever the day is updated or a battle takes place there is a minor drop in fps. I've made sure to avoid parallel processes. In fact out of all my common events only the battle...
  6. ImperiousRex

    Various Custom Resources

    I've been planning on changing (and improving) my style and decided to upload some of my first tilesets for anyone to use. Free to use in any commercial or non-commercial product with proper credit. Hope someone will find it useful.
  7. ImperiousRex

    Seamless panoramic views

    What would be the best way to create the feeling of being atop a mountain or in front of a grand cathedral without using movies or scene fade outs? Ive been working on a cave level and at one point I plan to have the player enter a large cavern and cross a bridge over a lake of lava while...
  8. ImperiousRex

    Event move toward random event.

    Any way to make an event move towards a random event on the map? Also is there any way to store a random events x y and then have an event move towards those co-ordinates?
  9. ImperiousRex

    MOGHunter Chrono Engine and yanfly extra switches.

    Moghunters chrono engine and yanfly's extra self switch plugin are incompatible. Was hoping to find someone who could tinker with it and get it to work. I would be willing to reimburse you for your time. PM me and I can set up a demo with the plugins loaded so that you could take a look
  10. ImperiousRex

    stop events from reset on map change

    Can I stop a parallel common event from restarting from the top every time there is a map change?
  11. ImperiousRex

    Maids Quest

    For my first game I wanted to test my artsy abilities by making all the sprites and tilesets on my own in a simple, short game. Although I'm pretty happy with the end result some things, such as the sprites and title drawings did not end up looking so great  :(   Anyway. I hope you try it out...
  12. ImperiousRex

    What frames do the 'Thrust' 'Swing' and 'Missile' SV Battlers use?and other SV related questions

    Hi. Anyone know which frames do the Thrust, Swing, Damage, Death and ect. actions use? It would be really helpful if there was a list or picture showing which frames are used for which action. Is there a way to rename, add and customize the actions? Can I add another action 'Undercut' to the...
  13. ImperiousRex

    Crash when using the drop_light(x) script command

    I upgraded to KUL today and, while messing around in the demo, I found that if you create an event that gives a light to a player, or, if the player already has a light, forces the player to drop it, the game will crash with the message:  "Script Game_Interpreter line 1411: Argument Error...
  14. ImperiousRex it possible?

    Being someone who never played any JRPG's before, I find it somewhat boring to see that the armour/clothes/equipment I find in a game do not change how your character looks when equipped. This breaks some of the immersion I have in a game and decreases the amount of customization I would like...
  15. ImperiousRex

    Unable to save game when using Khas Awesome Light Effects

    Just as the title says, I'm using KALE, v 1.0 and, when it is enabled, it wont let me save while in-game. I can save on the first or second map, but if I try on any other map I get a buzzer sound. I do not have save access disabled on any of my maps and I can access the save menu. Only when I...

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