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  1. Cougarmint

    How Do I Combine Shield and Weapin Items into one Menu Catagory?

    Disclaimer: I know that there may be a custom script or two out there already, but I am trying to develop a game without having to rely on two many third party scripts. Basically, I'm working on a game concept that replaces Shields and Helmets with ranged and auxiliary weapons. I'm doing this...
  2. Cougarmint

    Need Help With a Major Change to the TP System

    Hello everyone -- I had an idea pop into my head about converting the existing TP system in RPG Maker to an Ammo system, where the max ammo you can have is based on the type of gun you are carrying in addition to a melee weapon. In effect, I'm replacing the "shields" with a ranged weapon, which...
  3. Cougarmint

    Cougarmint's RPG Maker Resources

    Hey, everyone! I've been working on releasing free art for Game Designers to use for some time now, and I recently discovered this forum while trying to solve some issues I was having with scripting. I would like to share that art with you as well! I mainly post my stuff on Open Game Art and...
  4. Cougarmint

    Ignoring a Player if They Are In a Certain State

    I'm developing a custom game over system in RPG Maker, and I'm leaving the default #1 Death state for the enemies only. Actors resist this state and instead go into a custom "Defeated" State. If all party members are in this state, the battle is set to end and go to a screen that allows them to...
  5. Cougarmint

    Need Help Creating a Custom Drain HP/MP Script

    I've been working on a custom script for a couple of days now (I'm new to scripting, but not to RPG Maker) and I got something to work, but I've run into a couple of problems. I have a character who is a sort of twisted healer/necromancer, who can drain life from his enemies to restore life to...

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