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  1. Sato1999

    Yangfly Master's Holder styled battlers. 2020 edition

    My old threads about those are pretty bad, so I might as well create a new one. I'll be posting here any of the characters I make in Holder style, but only the ones I make from now on, you can download all the old ones here. So to start the thread with something new, have a Claire(XP rtp...
  2. Sato1999

    Yangfly Master's animated (holder-styled) battlers

    Hello there, I'm not active on this forum for a long long time, but I'm kinda back at RPG Maker because of my current project, so I'm here to share most of the stuff I made on most of my years, unfortunately I don't have some of my stuff saved because of my last PC broke, but whatever, this's...
  3. Sato1999

    Yang's Animated Battlers(Update 08/16/2016)

    Hi citizens of RPG Maker Web, I'm here presenting to you some Holder-Styled Battlers that I either created them myself, or edited an existing one. Terms are, the same as Holder's, feel fre to use them to wahtever you want, just credit me and him and other artists mentioned in the sheets...
  4. Sato1999

    Recolor Request

    Could, someone recolor this girl's hair to green for me? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sato1999


    Hello people,i'm here posting a script i made today,that allows you tom use Fogs inside battle. Terms: Use as you want, just stick "Yangfly Jitter" in the credits. #==============================================================================## ◘ YangFly Coding Ace - Ace Battle Fog(or...
  6. Sato1999

    Status Script Workshop

    hello im YangFly. I am here to aside from giving ya custom script to improve my scripting Also im doing ONLY status scripts. Examples: What you will need: A Mockup(like this:) And a little of patience. :) Terms of use: Free to Use in any game(including Commercial and Hentai games) but...
  7. Sato1999

    Could someone say me which anime is this?

    "Tittle" Please, Don't answer "Boku no Piko" or any other yaoi anime. I won't be fooled again...
  8. Sato1999

    I tried doing Custom Anime Faces...

    "tittle" Yeah what do you guys think? C+C Appreciated.
  9. Sato1999

    Jitter's stuffs!

    Hello! I think it should be time for me to create my sprite topic. I make animated battlers, but no chibis, the reason is because i'm not good with either tiny or big images. Acepting requests! Terms of use: Here's my holder styled battlers:(In order of making) Since rips aren't...
  10. Sato1999

    Using stuff from copyrighted games?

    Does Using stuff from copyrighted games make a game worst? Example: I am using Tales of Symphonya Full Force as battle theme and Phoenix Wright Cornered as boss theme. My question is if the games get worst or better from using copyrighted stuff.
  11. Sato1999

    male hair+blue cloth for ace generator

    Ok i need a FACE hair for ace generator. In of course ace gen style. Here is a reference pic of a randon pic i found on google. I want this cloth but without the white thingies. Recolor the others as you want. Just do the first one equal as this one(add the white thingiesin this one) Ps...
  12. Sato1999

    Ship tileset...

    Hey, im needing EXTERIOR ship tilesets. does someone has the time to do it? Or link me to where has one? Thanks in advance! =3
  13. Sato1999

    How to make an acc at: -

    I dont know how;....
  14. Sato1999

    Tankentai.How to make a kamehameha?

    Hey i am using tankentai,and one thing i really dont know how to do is a blast. Like Goku's Kamehameha. I wanted the character go to the same Y axis as the monster and then shot a blast similar to kamehameha. How would i do it? Creating a animation or using a sprite and stretching it to the...
  15. Sato1999

    How to draw icons?

    Hey it's me again... This time i'm asking how do i draw icons. I started a script that whenever you get Munny,Item,Armor,Weapon it will display the icon and how many you got in one tile up of the hero's. And i even touch that music: Tarararin!(Zelda treasure box open se). And via a script...
  16. Sato1999

    How to find notetags?

    Can someone plz tell me how to find notetags? Usuaaly i check Yanfly's scripts first when i want to see how to do something. But notetags seems too confusing for me. example:I want to check if an state(example) has a <poison> note tag, how would i do it? edit: the script have to find...
  17. Sato1999

    Pixeled battlers.

    Hey it's me. I wonder if someone could make some pixeled side view battlers.(Size? i think holders size would be good, but you're free[as long as it isnt too big]) I need a skeleton, a female vampire, a demon(the one from "monsters1" from the rtp) and an dark elf (like dark link). Thanks for...
  18. Sato1999

    Light Phantasy 1 recruitment.

             Light Phantasy 1          The Red Crystal Hello. Sinopse: In the continent of Neron. There was once a giant Wyrm called Dronion that used to protect the people from the evil. No one was capable of defeating him, then the peace lived around the continent. Then one day a huge monster...
  19. Sato1999

    Forum game ban the user above you.

    ok this a forum game. it function as follows. Expexcify any reason to "ban" the user above you. The idea came from a forum i frequent. ok i start. I ban the --- for doing --- or i ban --- for calling himself ---. I forum games isnt allowed feel free to delete this.
  20. Sato1999

    Little help with journey battle system(Translated Takentai)

    Ok i downloaded takentai and it was functioning normally in the takentai demo. Good. Then i inserted it in the rpg im making,fine,it was tottaly plug and play. Better.All was functioning correctly, when i decided to use sara's kiss skill to recover HP. Then i got an error. "Error in script...

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