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  1. Rate Each Game out of 5!

    That never happened to me, in all the two hours I spent on it. Maybe if you tried another exit? Anyway, I think Vlue would appreciate if you told him, since he's decided to continue working on that game, with more towns, more diverse floors, more traps, more everything. In the meantime I got to...
  2. Rate Each Game out of 5!

    Here goes my first reviews ever. They're probably a bit short. Sorry. Okay, so I spent the last 2 hours on Tower of 1000(?) Floors. It's like Children of Mana. I think it's awesome. Like, a 4.5/5 or something. Yes, it has some minor bugs (like the bosses changing sprite on touch. And whenever...
  3. Leviathan (Released)

    Try downloading the RTP ( :) It looks beautiful so far!

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I guess the concept of friendship has changed :") Today I saw a very quiet boy getting bullied by his 'friends' because he wasn't talking. They made a circle and made him sit in the middle and were nagging him saying hey talk, sing a song, do this tongue twister etc. etc. And I could totally see the discomfort in the boy's face. Glad I don't have 'friends' lmao
Music is my life, getting noticed for it is the best compliment I can get. So thanks to those who expressed interest :)
character for fun, based on various friends input.

I've noticed that the website has changed a lot since I left in August last year...
One of my kitties after a long, tiring day of being adorable.

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