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  1. Schrad

    Illusion of CHAEL (DEMO)

    I AM BACK! Prepare for the worst! Seriously, I'm now at the end of the forest with the guy who tell me "you can't go ahead!"(end of the demo?) Here are other things I have to say. I probably forgot a lot of things but if you work on this, the survivability will increase a lot.
  2. Schrad

    Some characters I made

    My bad, I didn't know. So, what do I do? Can it still be used in a game that is posted on this forum?
  3. Schrad

    Some characters I made

    Hello ladies and gentleman to my first "artistic" post. It will be mainly about characters sprites I made using the Game Character Hub, they are only for RMVXace for now. I tried to make characters on the Jobs or Class they could have. I don't know yet but if people make requests, I might...
  4. Schrad

    Illusion of CHAEL (DEMO)

    As a fellow game developer, it's always a pleasure to help, I'll try to finish it this weekend to give a more in-depth analysis.
  5. Schrad

    Illusion of CHAEL (DEMO)

    Hello there! Just played your game, it's quite good, stopped at the forest village. Your game is really good on it's beginning stage. Here is a list of things you might want to know(it's just my opinion) If I find any other problems, I'll tell you. Also, KEEP WORKING ON THIS GAME...
  6. Schrad

    [IGMC 2015] Esther's Madness

    Just finished playing this game, it's really good, a bit short but good. You had an original story and made it a good dark-oriented story. I only have one things that saddens me :

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