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  1. IXVI

    2 player battle system

    Is it possible to have like in some of the final fantasy series (6, 9, 4..) to have it where you can have player two control a specific character assigned in battle? Is there a script for this by chance?..
  2. IXVI

    Moving monsters?

    does anyone know any good scripts on how to make monsters move while awaiting their turn in battle? then, move to hit you?
  3. IXVI

    Battle script

    I was wondering if there was a battle script similar to Chrono Trigger where you can combine 2 players to do a team attack and unlock different team attacks as you level up? Also, same applies to summoning. (Gods, goddesses, eidolons espers, deities or whatever you want to call them..)
  4. IXVI

    looking for developement staff

    I have been wanting to start a project 3 yrs, but, didnt know where to go. So, here i am. I already have 2 stories that follow after this game even. I will not give my story or ideas out so easily, i am hoping to find someone else who can be head of this project with me. First, i am in desperate...

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