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  1. White Flare

    < Variable Pool .. is this even possible? >

    So if I understand you right you have one big map divided into view-able "Rooms" by how zoomed in you are and a plugin. You want monsters to be able to wonder and move within their "rooms" and be kill able on an instance basis? Keep in mind when you make an event then copy and paste that event...
  2. White Flare

    Multiple options for "attack?"

    As Andar said skill 1 and 2 are always bound to attack and guard in the engine, one of my least favorite features. My suggestion is make an 'alternate magic' that's called "Weapon skill" Attack will be your standard well rounded attack, then weapon skills can be added and removed when someone...
  3. White Flare

    Best way to make an information splash screen?

    For a class selection screen a picture is probably the best way to go, even more so if your already using different art for different classes. The other option is using something like yanfly's message core plugin and increasing the message rows for those text boxes. Then you would need to credit...
  4. White Flare

    Updating HTML without losing save.

    I actually already have this. The naming your character "debug" (earlier question i asked on the forums) lets the player access a special dev forest with NPC's to set level, stats, money, and the like. I hit a weird situation where he has to clear his browser cache or it tries to just load the...
  5. White Flare

    Updating HTML without losing save.

    I'm having a friend test out my game on a makeshift website I'm hosting from my computer. Every time I re-deploy the game it wipes out his save file and he is getting sick of the intro. Is there a way to re-deploy without losing save data?
  6. White Flare

    RPG Maker MV: Anyone know how to create spell counters or deal damage to someone who uses a spell?

    You could make it so casting a spell gives someone a debuff like "Spell sickness" that lowers def by 20% or something. I have an empower status for when people use fire spells on fire spirits, air on air spirits, etc. that makes them stronger.
  7. White Flare

    PvP, combat-only game possible?

    at the end of his question he asked Not sure if just the RMMV board is the right place because its a question about all the RM versions.
  8. White Flare

    Help with variables

    So I'm working on a game where every night the player goes to sleep they end up in a dream world, then when they wake up it counts the day up, if they return to the house the switch is still on because they haven't gone back to sleep so it doesn't trigger every time they walk in the room until...
  9. White Flare

    Image-Based Menu Help

    Tested something out and got it working. It's pretty simple way of doing it and you will need to make some tweeks to fine tune it but this was my method. Sorry for bad audio I'm near the end of a cold.
  10. White Flare

    Wait an hour!

    You would have to make a variable for every tree that did this. then have your parallel event add 1 to the variable and wait 60 in a loop. then on the tree use an if statement - If variable >= 1000 self switch A on. Self switch A will have the code for harvesting the tree, and at the end set...
  11. White Flare

    checking players stats

    Finally figured it out. So many sub menus full of options starts to obscure things. Thanks for the help everyone.
  12. White Flare

    Pros and Cons "after" buying RM MV from Steam or Website!?

    @Welle Monitor size isn't the issue with steam overlay because RMMV has a fixed size for its sub-windows. The main time you will use tab is when creating a multiple choice menu as each choice is its own input field. You will also be shifting to capitalize the first letter of each option and...
  13. White Flare

    Pros and Cons "after" buying RM MV from Steam or Website!?

    @Welle well in general the steam overlay is horrid for RMMV. Say your writing a show text event when your friend messages you, so you hit the hotkey and suddenly the steam overlay is only on the "Show Text" box. so its super small and unusable. Have had it off almost since I started using RMMV...
  14. White Flare

    checking players stats

    Thank you for the long story short answer. Probably shouldn't be trying to write javascript at 3am after a full work day lol. I went with - "Control Variables:#0005 Player Attribute = $gameParty.leader().luk" and its working great. I'm curious how this works as I've poked around a bit with it...
  15. White Flare

    checking players stats

    Long story short - I want an event to be able to check if a players luck is over 10 using an if statement. Will also accept a way to set the party leaders luck to a variable. I found "$gameParty.leader().level" which works for level but changing it to "$gameParty.leader().luck" isn't working.
  16. White Flare

    Pros and Cons "after" buying RM MV from Steam or Website!?

    One problem I frequently had with the steam version is when I would do a lot of fancy keyboard work and hit shift, then tab(sometimes up to 2-3 seconds later) it would attempt to launch the steam overlay in whatever window I was working on. Main suggestion for people using this on steam is...
  17. White Flare

    Check character name

    Thanks that is exactly what i needed. Shaz I'm pretty sure you meant it is case sensitive but I got that from the context, and that script could be useful Trihan so thank you both and I appreciate the quick response.
  18. White Flare

    Check character name

    I was wondering if there was any way without a plugin to compare the result of a name input processing event to a pre-determined name. I want to use this for developing a game that is being deployed in beta alpha versions on my website, where if player puts the name "debug" events in certain...
  19. White Flare

    MV to iOS with VX content

    Thanks for the response. Pretty new to the whole process so a few quick questions for clarification. What is RTP? What counts as shop resources? Does that include things labeled DLC like "RPG Maker: The Adventurer's Journey DLC"
  20. White Flare

    MV to iOS with VX content

    I've seen plugins for converting VX assets to MV and was curious how this applies to publishing your game on iOS or any of the other platforms MV can export to. I was under the impression that VX assets were only allowed to be published on a Windows platform (found in many forums by googling)...

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