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  1. WorldWakeSTU

    Responsibility on a PG-13 Website

    it is a disappointing matter to hear about though i know many opinions will be negative, many point of view will be based on miss information but it really is a sad thing to think that this would happen where there is no curve to that direction but i guess it can happen to any community so yes...
  2. WorldWakeSTU

    frankenstein code POLL

    the evil of a buggy script brought about by a freak of nature code, cue dramatic sound, Frankenstein tried programming. Frankenstein coding has been one of my learning tricks for figuring out what some of the scripts the community has released. while i hate to be that guy i have even had...
  3. WorldWakeSTU

    unknown multi cmd updates from where?

    this is the code I'm trying to figure out why some of the methods are repeating even with a linear call setup I just tried it with out the calls for post-terminate and terminate and it loops the update method so where is the repeats being built?
  4. WorldWakeSTU

    script added event

    sorry for seeming vague now that i am awake, what i am looking for is the method arguments for the event such as graphic x and y position and the parallel move events for creating an event quest as if you would using the event creator but because this would be a downloaded add on i am needing to...
  5. WorldWakeSTU

    script added event

    i am looking for the parameters required in order to make an event that will load from an external source (dlc) if i could get the function for showing any attached methods and args so that i can hunt these bits down on my own that would be appreciated
  6. WorldWakeSTU

    after release plugin system (vx ace)

    thank you and as for the moving event i was thinking new quests so any event that would be added would run as players do the quest now that that is good off to figure how the external script loader and an event adder to make it happen thanks
  7. WorldWakeSTU

    after release plugin system (vx ace)

    i am wondering if it is possible to force the game to load extra scripts that create add-on events for after game release. yes i am aware that the save system does not play nice with regular updates to the game like not loading that new weapon or chest that you put on the map but the big...
  8. WorldWakeSTU

    [VX Ace] How can I make saved games record variables containing procs?

    im not looking to open a thread but am trying to figure out how i should format some formal data sets  like datatype: stat(extras), stat2(extras), stat3(extras) i wanted to make them into a module since these would never change but couldnt figure out the format
  9. WorldWakeSTU

    condenseing source files to save space

    ok not good for a shared pc but thanks for the info i will try to find another way to condense the projects (winrar is likely going to happen :O )
  10. WorldWakeSTU

    condenseing source files to save space

    hey all, been a while, could i get a quick plugin snippet so I can condense the rtp files to a single location and save space on my pc.
  11. WorldWakeSTU

    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thanks for the folder script and also that clears up a lot about the return function
  12. WorldWakeSTU

    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    is there a short hand way to tell ruby to get a file from the game directory and load them so i can make a quick edit splash script? also i seem to be unable to load through this, i get ether no method for each, or no method x, and the msgbox wont show when array=[]:
  13. WorldWakeSTU

    unusual battle script request

    ok this is the most unusual battle script ever but the battles are also unusual. the battles are based on the manga: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu  (sorry the site wouldn't give me the video) you run around a school...
  14. WorldWakeSTU

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    does any one know what pixi is running on mv so i can figure out how to make the canvas for tetris?
  15. WorldWakeSTU

    wild night with tetrus

    ok 2:30 am for me and brain is mush will pick up tomorrow on creating field canvas. so far I've got the window and scene with plugin commands for easy access. post suggestions and requests and we can go through them as we go.
  16. WorldWakeSTU

    wild night with tetrus

    ok this is the dumbest start for my night but how do I start the window? (I feel soooo stupid, curse these brain farts) i got the function scene_eryui () {} but what was after? cancel that i found the scene_base
  17. WorldWakeSTU

    going to be on most of the nigh. got to work with javascript so im doing a live build of tetrus...

    going to be on most of the nigh. got to work with javascript so im doing a live build of tetrus so please watch my topic (wild night with tetrus)
  18. WorldWakeSTU

    wild night with tetrus

    so this starts my questionnaire topic for building Tetrus (the wildly wacky game of mini's) so again please watch this so that I can make this as fast as possible. thank you.
  19. WorldWakeSTU

    finished my first plugin! with help from Mr. Trivel¡ still i got one B)

    finished my first plugin! with help from Mr. Trivel¡ still i got one B)
  20. WorldWakeSTU

    random title display on start

    TitleScreenRandomImgSelector version 2.0 WorldWakeSTU Introduction This script is for setting the title screen background to a random image of a selected group when the game starts. Features displays images from an array at random Screenshots currently no screenshots are available. (this only...

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