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  1. NPX

    RMMV Legion Saga Arcade

    Thanks! :-) I am considering uploading smaller screenshots, actually -- it'll compromise the quality, but they'd be easier to view. I hope you enjoy it ;-).
  2. NPX

    RMMV [RSW] Cast Ashore

    It's only a problem when the player tries to interact with NPCs and the scaled-up characters over-lap. You can work around it, as I'm sure you know, and I do like the proportions that you've gone with. It reminds me of the old RM2K aesthetic, which I'm a big fan of -- it's nice to see games that...
  3. NPX

    Favorite approaches for game openings?

    Seconded. Even if your game's mythology is deep, you will find that the majority of it can be conveyed in bite-size pieces over the course of the entire game -- it doesn't need front-loading onto the intro.
  4. NPX

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    @Plueschkatze That looks absolutely gorgeous! Did you make it all yourself?
  5. NPX

    RMMV [RSW] Cast Ashore

    Wow, you're still making games? I remember Paradise Blue from back when Gaming World was going strong. Although I'm not a fan of the 8-bit aesthetic, I have to say that this does look rather good. Do the larger sprites cause collision problems?
  6. NPX

    RMMV Legion Saga Arcade

    RETURN TO BERYLLUSIR in this thrilling adaptation of Matt Glanville's classic series! SYNOPSIS VERAMONDE is in turmoil after the murder of Kaiser Granstem, and the authorities have chased the culprit to the Krisdean border, hoping to arrest him before he flees their domain. They manage to...
  7. NPX

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    I'm playing it close to the chest, as I want it to be a surprise. But I assure you, in two weeks this game is gonna be blowing you away :D.
  8. NPX

    RPG Maker Mechanics That Must Change In 2018?

    Seconded! A demo is a demonstration of a finished product, not a taste of what that product will eventually become. Personally, I think that releasing "demos" is what kills a lot of projects, as the devs get their instant gratification but do not learn to endure the grind of a long development...
  9. NPX

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    As this beauty is 95% complete and will be ready to ship within the next couple of weeks, I feel that after 10 months of gruelling development I can finally share something from it. Everything that you see here is custom, by the way -- that would explain why a game that is only three hours...
  10. NPX

    Anyone know if this RPG Maker 2003 game was ever finished?

    To be honest, I think a lot of the old Gaming World devs went their separate ways.
  11. NPX

    Anyone know if this RPG Maker 2003 game was ever finished?

    That was made by Nemesis, right? I'm pretty sure he never finished it.
  12. NPX

    RMMV Odyssey - Action Adventure RPG

    Actually, using terrain IDs makes sense. I just love the sense of freedom you get from the video -- too few games have such seamlessly active gameplay.
  13. NPX

    RMMV Odyssey - Action Adventure RPG

    Oh, this looks smashing! So fluid and fast -- smooth gameplay like this is incredibly difficult to accomplish with MV. I assume it's all script-based, or have you evented the majority of it?
  14. NPX

    Future of RMMV

    I would like to second this. The reason that I chose MV over the competition (Stencyl, Gamemaker, etc...) was because of the multi-platform deployment, and I still believe that RPG Maker is the best development software on the market. Give users more distribution options and sales of the...
  15. NPX

    RMMV Manafinder

    Was going to say, that must be costing you an arm and a leg. Looks like money well spent, though!
  16. NPX

    RMMV Manafinder

    Your team is certainly very talented. Have you hired them or are they collaborators?
  17. NPX

    RMVXA Bushido the Way of Men

    Wow... You continental developers really know how to make the most of the engine -- compare most American and English RM games to French and German and there's no contest when it comes to quality :-).
  18. NPX

    New to RPG Maker MV and want advice on how to stay focused

    This -- the KISS rule is cast-iron and should always be followed, especially for beginners. Design and build the core game first, which is the quest to give your neighbour his wallet back. Once that's complete, then work on the side-quests as smaller games. Trying to do it all at once will...
  19. NPX

    What can you do when you're requests/ideas/programing doesn't proceed?

    It does, but you can "event" around it. I had a problem with the health bars in my CBS -- the enemy's bar kept moving the opposite way and the variable wasn't changing, despite there being no fault with the eventing -- so I switched the variable command from minus to plus, so that it added HP...
  20. NPX

    One map or quite a lot for one location.

    Also consider lag -- if you have lots of events on a single, huge map, then the game is likely to lag.

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